Fans of Texas Peanut Rounders

BLOSSOM, TEXAS – We hear from fans of the Peanut Rounder. It’s “soft and delicious” soft textured peanut candy made by Anderson Candy Company. Blossom is in Lamar County, in the northern part of the state.

The company apparently has its roots in the 1940s, when a fellow named Dan Hearn, through trial and error, created the candy called a Peanut Rounder. He tried and tried with peanuts and other ingredients, and made a texture and taste that was unique, along with a “secret ingredient.”

By the way, what’s a good food brand without a “secret ingredient?”

He did all the work by hand and cooked one batch of candy daily. The brand was purchased by a fellow named Leon Anderson, who started Anderson Candy Company in 1980.

According to the Anderson website, he purchased the candy recipe, cooking pot, and the metal ring molds used for making the candy from Hearn, and kept the company and brand in Blossom.


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