Where are Carnival Straws? And Where to Find U.S. Flexible Drinking Straws?

classic American straws

One of the classic American brands of drinking straws was Carnival Flexible Straws.

Founded in 1952, Carnival was one of many household brands that have disappeared in recent years. For a time they were made by Clear Shield National, part of Envirodyne. They were also apparently associated with Diamond Brands.

Roadfood.com says that they were purchased by Solo, but the trademark was not renewed.

The clown on the package was a bit creepy, but they were sturdy and the colors on the outside were bright. Some had the evocative name “Noisy Benders.”

Better yet, they were strong enough so they did not crack when you used them and bent the top. Unlike current cheap ones, they were wide enough so you didn’t have to work hard to drink with it.

The package here was found in our church kitchen. They advertise on the package that they are “Supra-Plastic” and “Squash Proof.”

Below, a few varieties on sale with Amazon.

Would love to know from BrandlandUSA readers which brands are decent, and which ones are junk.


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  1. I bought about two dozen boxes of the Glad straws at a Publix, several years ago because they were the only ones “made in USA” that I had found in years. Now, they are almost gone and Publix only sells straws made in China. Sorry, but I don’t want anything from that country coming in contact with my food or drink. It disgusts me the number of items related to food and drink preparation that are made in a country that has such a terrible record of exporting toxic items of that nature to the US. Publix and everyone else selling straws from China can store them where the sun does not shine, for my money.

  2. Publix no longer carries these flex straws. I used to buy them by the carton. Now I can’t find them. Does anyone know what happened to them or if there is a suitable replacement?

  3. >>>The clown on the package was a bit creepy,

    You mention the clown on the package… His name was “Scoopy.” Back in the day (mid 60s), my sister and I sent for a premium from the straws package… A record called, “Party Time With Scoopy.” Our favorite song on it was, “Put Your Finger In The Air.” It’s still here in my archives, somewhere…

  4. I purchased a box of these years ago at Big Lots. They were cheap! Less than $1 for the box. I think I still have the box but the last straw was used last year. Now the only brand of USA made straws is Glad and you can get them at Publix. They seem to be OK but I have mot tried to drink a milkshake with one yet. I do not think I have them listed on my website but I will be sure to do that. Buy made in USA everything or there will be nothing made in the USA.

  5. They still make Glad Straws, I believe.

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