Historic New York Butcher Schaller & Weber Refreshes Look

new logo Schaller & Weber
Schaller & Weber™ logo and new brand design.

NEW YORK – Schaller & Weber, the East Side butcher and meat company, has updated their logo and design, as part of a plan to introduce a wide variety of new products, snack trays and sliced meats, including their Beef & Butterkäse and grab-and-go ABF Sliced Deli meats.

The company, founded in 1937 by Ferdinand Schaller and Tony Weber, began life as a butcher and deli in the Yorkville neighborhood of the Upper East Side. They later opened a production facility. It continues as a family owned company, led by Ferdinand’s grandson, Jeremy Schaller.

“Our new brand identity speaks to both our legacy – with subtle nods to some of our past branding – while looking distinctly more premium and clean,” said Jeremy Schaller, third-generation owner and operator of Schaller & Weber, in a press release. “Our new branding features both more transparent information about the products themselves, as well as nuanced features to the German and European lifestyle that our products are a part of. We are so excited to reintroduce our brand to our customers, and to provide them with some exciting new products that feature the distinct flavors and quality they expect from Schaller & Weber, and with some new items we think they’ll love.”

The design is supposed to harken back to a European look, with the design reflecting the shop’s butcher paper.

Their success at making a regional grocer and retail brand into a national franchise is a path for any local retailer that was established over 75 years ago. There is enough goodwill and brand story to make the product compelling to those outside the city. New York brands (and brands in big cities like Paris and London) have a particular ability to do this, as they are familiar to travelers and they have a large home market behind them.

Below, their Instagram which shows history and current operations.


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