This came in the mail with the Shell Oil bill, as an offer for Shell cardmembers from United Marketing Group LLC. It’s a brand extension of that dime store cologne, English Leather. We’re all for brand extensions, and who can argue against extracting a bit of revenue out of anMORE HERE

TORRANCE, Calif. – The 19th century Japanese pharma company Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical, a manufacturer of external pain relieving drugs, announced the release of two products for the American market, Salonpas Pain Relief Patch and Salonpas Arthritis Pain. Hisamitsu, founded in 1847, introduced the original SALONPAS patch in 1934 and their productsMORE HERE

One of the BrandlandUSA readers asks to bring back Pacquin Hand Cream. It was one of the nation’s best known hand creams, for generations made by the Connecticut company Pacquin-Lester, later known as Leeming-Pacquin. Leeming, of course, made Hai Karate, so it was sort of a wacky-hip company. Currently, theMORE HERE

20 years ago, Gillette introduced a campaign that completely re-energized its brand and company. It was “The Best A Man Can Get” and its zippy song, sung by the nation’s top jingle-writer and singer Jake Holmes, talked about “looking sharp” and showed a succession of non-celebrity, clean-shaven normal men goingMORE HERE

When Ascendia Brands went bankrupt, they sold a number of brands to new owners. One of the most storied brands was Dorothy Gray, which sold, with the Tussy deodorant line, for $1 milllion to KCM Brands LLC, according to Reuters. While production has resumed on other Ascendia brands like Mr.MORE HERE

We wonder, wonder, wonder about the disappearance of the brand Charles of the Ritz. This brand was merged into Revlon, and while some of its perfumes still survive, the Charles of the Ritz brand does not. Customers on BrandlandUSA continue to search for the Revenesence brand, which was a sortMORE HERE

LOS ANGELES – Johnson Products, makers of Ultra Sheen and other African-American haircare products, will again be an independent company. Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) announced the sale of its Johnson Products Company to a company named RCJP Acquisition, Inc., a newly formed independent entity comprised of Los Angeles-based privateMORE HERE

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – Sara Lee Corporation (NYSE:SLE) said it would possibly sell its International Household & Body Care business after receiving “expressions of interest” from possible buyers. The company has some classic low growth brands, including Kiwi shoe polish and Brylcreem hair goop. Both could very interesting brands ifMORE HERE