Izod Lacoste wasn’t the only popular polo shirt during the preppie craze in the 1980s. Folks who wanted to be even more country club than the rest were wearing Boast, which, contrary to popular belief, did not have a pot plant on the shirt (it was a Japanese maple). OfMORE HERE

St. LOUIS – The walls of Cracker Barrel always have amusing signs, all real. One brand we saw along at one on I-95 in South Carolina were Alox Shoe Laces. Alox was founded by John Frier (1895-1974), who in 1919 invented a new way to make shoelaces by crimping aMORE HERE

Last weekend, the teens were in the yard getting ready for church camp. They had to get a LOOK together. And what did they decide to do? Head on over to the store (I forgot to ask which one) and buy a bunch of packs of Rit Dye to doMORE HERE