Tretorn. The Swedish brand still has that country club allure, made even more exotic by the fact that they are still a bit hard to find in U.S. stores, though now seem to be reappearing. Above, an old commercial for the brand that seems to date from a 1990s revivalMORE HERE

Last weekend, the teens were in the yard getting ready for church camp. They had to get a LOOK together. And what did they decide to do? Head on over to the store (I forgot to ask which one) and buy a bunch of packs of Rit Dye to doMORE HERE

So we are watching American Life, in its redux of the Saturday night early 1970s CBS lineup (Mary Tyler Moore Show, Bob Newhart) and we look at the credits at the end. MTM Productions gives thanks to clothing by House of Worsted-Tex and Norman Todd. Today, lets look at HouseMORE HERE

CLEVELAND – We are indebted to the website A Treasury Of for telling us about the sweaters of Ohio Knitting Mills. The mill has closed, but some of their product samples survived. While not all are being sold, some are. It’s like a vintage store, but its all new! AtMORE HERE

This fashion house was named for Norman Norell, the famous American fashion designer and movie designer most famous for dressing Gloria Swanson. Norman Norell died in 1972 and his brand lives on in a perfume, Norell, but the fashion brand does not. A 1997 revival was tried, but it neverMORE HERE

PALM BEACH GARDENS – Lilly Pulitzer opened up a new boutique in The Gardens mall in Palm Beach Gardens. The website The Selvedge Yard snapped a photo of Lilly herself in a post entitled Pink-a-palooza. The store opened April 17, 2009; it is the second company owned store in PalmMORE HERE

We happened upon an interview with Peter Brundige, published in the Luxe Chronicles. It applies to fashion brands, of course, but it also applies to anyone trying to relaunch a brand. The two important factors in a brand relaunch are: research staying true to the original with a new twist.MORE HERE

NEW YORK – Barcelona will hold a giant fashion show called The Brandery at the Montju├»c exhibition site. We are fascinated with it not because of the name, or the ambition of the show, but because they feature an early 1980s Chevrolet Caprice in their promotional posters. The car, IMORE HERE

The venerable prep brand Duck Head is for sale. Duck Head became a private label brand sold at Tennessee-based Goody’s Family Clothing. The bankruptcy of the company has put the brand up for sale, according to Gabe Fried, principal of Needham Heights, Mass-based Streambank LLC. Wrote Fried on Linked in:MORE HERE

We wrote last year about the demise of the Georgette Klinger brand, and its revival by the founder’s family, but it seems like fans of the brand will still have to wait. We have written a number of times to the email address that was on the website, but haveMORE HERE