Jack Tar Marine Finishes marine paint is an enduring enamel alkyd paint for marine, metal and pipes. It’s made by BLP Mobile Paints of Mobile, Alabama. Their main product is Jack Tar Yacht Deck Enamel. They also have an “olive drab” paint for skiffs. Their product sheets say that theMORE HERE

At home, in a sewing kit, I noticed a handy little brand many have forgotten is still around. Dritz. It’s part of the great pantheon of sewing brands, some over a century old. Brands like Singer, The McCall Pattern Company, Coats & Clark and Talon Zipper. And of course thereMORE HERE

SARASOTA – Out on the Siesta Key beach yesterday, employees of Sarasota County’s Parks and Recreation Department were handing out race pennants that they were keeping in a Votomatic ballot box. The Votomatic became famous after the 2000 Presidential election in Florida, and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American HistoryMORE HERE

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS – They were, and are, icons of America. The windmill, specifically the Aermotor windmill. Pictured at right, an Aermotor windmill tail in a museum in Palmetto, Florida. The Aermotor was ubiquitous across the U.S., and helped build farms across rural areas. Few realize that they are stillMORE HERE

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Made in America? Bright colors? Simple to repair? Low tech? In this time of economic challenge, is there a market for a cheap, good looking scooter? Not some overly done number, but a stylish ….. Cushman? Yes, there is a market. Cushman Scooters are a different sortMORE HERE