One of the more unfortunate interior trends of the last decade is the current skunner for what has been called “brown furniture.” In this trend, well-crafted mahogany furniture, in classic lines, was un-valued and cheap. It got painted. Or here in Florida, it got painted and shabby chic’ed. You canMORE HERE


LINDEN, N.J. – The west coast lighting retailer Lamps Plus has struck an exclusive deal to market classic Stiffel Lamps, a brand that has returned production to the U.S. recent years. “Stiffel is a brand with a great history. The lamps are truly unique and considered works of art,” saidMORE HERE

LEXINGTON, Ky., – The plain old quilted mattress is becoming less and less of the main type of mattress. Last week, the nation’s pioneer maker of mattresses, Tempur Sealy International, Inc. (NYSE: TPX) introduced a new portfolio of products. They said that the offerings provide “enhanced support and durability” andMORE HERE