NEW YORK – The asset firm Hilco Streambank will auction the assets of Aiwa Corporation, including its intellectual property and related tangible assets, inventory, related contracts, and eCommerce storefronts, on Oct. 6. The offering includes the registered Aiwa trademarks and domain names, patents, social media accounts, and Amazon and eBayMORE HERE

ALEXANDRIA, VA. – Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Lanham Act, the federal statute that established modern U.S. trademark law. On Tuesday, July 27, the USPTO will present an exciting virtual program commemorating the Lanham Act and how the Truman-era law has benefited the country.MORE HERE

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – Crocs, Inc. (NADSAQ: CROX), the footwear company, said in a press release today that it had filed lawsuits against 21 companies alleging infringements of its registered trademarks. The lawsuits, filed in multiple U.S. District Courts, seek monetary damages for violations relating to Crocs’ three-dimensional trademark rights. Defendants namedMORE HERE

Whenever possible, companies should keep these corporate names in the active column. Instead of confusing the consumer, they are a valuable hidden link to the past that most don’t notice, but trigger memories in some. Use the company name on a product, or on a tee-shirt, or on a division. Try out a new product, a risky one, with the old name on it.MORE HERE

ALEXANDRIA – The United States Patent and Trademark Office will host the 2011 National Trademark Expo on October 14-15 at the USPTO’s headquarters in Alexandria, Va.  The free two-day event is designed to educate the public about the value of trademarks in the global marketplace. Exhibitors are invited to showcaseMORE HERE

NEW YORK – Searching for an old Victrola? Why not buy the brand instead? A private equity firm will auction a portfolio of 150 older U.S. consumer and retail brand names. The auction will be held live in New York City and online on December 8th at 10 a.m. atMORE HERE

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office David Kappos and Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille will preside at the opening ceremony of a new exhibit at the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum on Tuesday, June 8,MORE HERE

ARLINGTON – All statutory changes enacted through November 1, 2009 that affect U.S. intellectual property law are covered in the 2010 Edition of Patent, Trademark and Copyright Laws. In the 2010 Edition, patent practitioners will get coverage of: All recent changes that relate to the Fiscal Year 2010 appropriations forMORE HERE