GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – In the 1970s, BOAC used firms like the architecture firm Gillespie Kidd and Coia to do its regional work. Here, an office in Glasgow. The city ticket office is almost forgotten these days, but were ubiquitous for all carriers until the mid-1980s. If you recall, BOAC wasMORE HERE

LONDON – It’s like 1925, a Merchant and Ivory movie. On September 10, October 29, and November 14, Orient-Express will be offering “The Dinner” on The British Pullman train departing from Victoria Station in London. The cars are original, and enable travelers to take an Orient-Express train journey that’s shortMORE HERE

A plane is a plane, and if it flies, it looks like an airplane because it is an airplane. Unfortunately, that is not always true with commercial and private planes. Some airplanes, for instance have a nose too long, or a body too thin and narrow, giving the plane aMORE HERE

An Ad Age piece by Al Ries on value pricing got me thinking even more about how crummy the airline business has become, and how un-important branding is to particularly our American airlines. The story is called Variable Pricing is the Ultimate Brand-Destroyer. His point is that because of valueMORE HERE

BELLEAIR, Fla. – G. Michael Harris, Titanic explorer, adventurer and one of the original founders of RMS Titanic, Inc., announced in a press release that his company, WLM, Inc. had made two offers totaling a combined $40 million to Premier Exhibitions as well as Sellers Capital, LLC, whose holdings includeMORE HERE

Just reading the recent news on the Maersk ship Alabama, an American-flagged vessel hijacked off of Africa in an area known for pirates. has the ships being commissioned by the Maritime Administration. “It’s a very significant foreign policy challenge for the Obama administration,” said Graeme Gibbon Brooks, managing directorMORE HERE

First vinyl records make a comeback, and then telegrams? We have to thank the trend spotting website Springwise for this one. Telegrams have returned. The website Telegramstop will let you write one online, and send it anywhere, for just a few bucks, $4.70 actually. Great and fun idea for anyMORE HERE

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS — CSX has decided to send its West Virginia-based Greenbrier Hotel Corporation into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Greenbrier Hotel Corp., a subsidiary of the railroad CSX, is the owner of The Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs. As part of the filing, CSX will continue to finance theMORE HERE

We have added another brand to BrandlandUSA’s 100 Brands to Bring Back. It is the Milwaukee Road’s Hiawatha, and it is the suggestion of New Yorker Jon Vanhala, who understands how cool it was, and could be. Actually he doesn’t need to tell us that. We know it because justMORE HERE

LIVERPOOL – We recently ran across a press release from the American unit of Bibby Line Group, a British logistics, shipping and finance company. It reminded us. The company was founded in 1807 as a shipping company, and it survives to this day. The company has a storied history; itMORE HERE