We have added another brand to BrandlandUSA’s 100 Brands to Bring Back. It is the Milwaukee Road’s Hiawatha, and it is the suggestion of New Yorker Jon Vanhala, who understands how cool it was, and could be. Actually he doesn’t need to tell us that. We know it because justMORE HERE

LIVERPOOL – We recently ran across a press release from the American unit of Bibby Line Group, a British logistics, shipping and finance company. It reminded us. The company was founded in 1807 as a shipping company, and it survives to this day. The company has a storied history; itMORE HERE

Sporting Club Partially to Blame? Readers: Another person who watches The Greenbrier closely takes a different view of the resort’s losses.  Dear BrandlandUSA: I recently read a post “Unions the Problem at The Greenbrier” that attempted to blame all of the problems The Greenbrier resort is currently facing on whatMORE HERE

The demise of the American-flagged ship is often forgotten, though many of us who are saddened by it can also be heartened that a bit of it survives. Barely. We tend to forget that American shipping has largely disappeared, as a result of a number of factors including general AmericanMORE HERE