Perhaps this sounds a bit churlish to see cultural downfall in a child’s lunch. And to churlish, you might generously say inconsistent, as the vile concoction of items in a current Lunchables was something that was purchased by me in a fit of hurry and laziness. After I had purchasedMORE HERE

In just about every restaurant kitchen, the decaffeinated coffee pot has an orange band. Ask a person under 30 why that band is colored orange, and they won’t know. They will know that it means decaf, but they won’t know why. The reason, of course, it is orange is becauseMORE HERE

Mountain Lakes, N.J. – We had a reader missing a favorite old product. It is the orange drink Bird’s Eye Orange Plus. Orange Plus was a frozen orange drink that competed against Minute Maid. BrandlandUSA reader Nicholas Chicorikas says that it was around forever, and “tasted like nothing else. ItMORE HERE

Lately, we have been getting an extraordinary number of hits of consumers searching for the below products. We just thought we needed to list them: Serv-a-Gravy. It’s a powdered gravy sold by Serv-Agen. Some have found it hard to locate on shelves. Carnation Breakfast Bars. Not sure why this isMORE HERE

ST. LOUIS – Introduced in 1898, Grape-Nuts was the nation’s first cold cereal, though you can also eat it hot. It’s not grape, nor is it nuts, but instead¬† it is whole wheat, flour, salt and yeast. It is baked, and then ground up and baked again. A glorious processMORE HERE

Kraft ditching Nabisco? Frankly, that’s a bit of a scary headline for us brand fiends here at BrandlandUSA. But it is certainly worrisome that we found this bag of Wheat Thins without Nabisco in the corner. Is Kraft (NYSE: KFT) dropping the Nabisco brand, just like they ditched the storiedMORE HERE

While there are several major salad dressing brands and many small labels, the majors have pretty much consolidated under three corporate banners: Kraft, Unilever, and the Marzetti division of Lancaster Colony.¬† Time has not been kind to heritage brands or flavors in this day of the “world brand”. Kraft (NYSE:MORE HERE

Why did Kraft turn General Foods into scrap? This week Kraft Foods (NYSE: KFT) revealed its new logo in a ceremony at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference in Boca Raton. It is, according to Adweek‘s report, to differentiate the product brand Kraft from the company brand Kraft.MORE HERE

Gosh, we didn’t realize how much we miss General Foods, the company founded by Clarence Birdseye, inventor of frozen foods, and C.W. Post, creator of Postum. When General Foods merged with Kraft, the General Foods got lost. That is too bad. Because Kraft is a fine name, but we associateMORE HERE