For those of us who grew up in the 1970s, a Hyatt House was a sort of hotel paradise. Yes, there were Ramada Inns and Holiday Inns, and these were actually decent places for everyday family trips and such. But in terms of a really smart, slick hotel, a reallyMORE HERE

NEW YORK – The research firm Harris Interactive has released its 2010 rankings of tourism brands. There are some surprises. Hilton is the most notable in the list and now leads Marriott. Cheap hotels are lower on the list, but luxury brands also have lower scores due to the obviousMORE HERE

LOS ANGELES – One of the great modern hotels, The Century Plaza, is potentially going to be demolished. I say potentially because the owner, developer Michael Rosenfeld, is only applying for permission to tear it down for another real estate development. The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza (click on the poolMORE HERE

PALM SPRINGS – Any person who owns a silly little motel by the side of the road ought to look at Hope Springs Motel Resort in Palm Springs, California. It’s an utterly nondescript motel that has turned into a Travel & Leisure favorite. The recipe? A hip approach, minimalist designMORE HERE

Move from Beverly Hills Hurts Hilton Mystique BEVERLY HILLS – Hilton Hotels Corp. announced Wednesday, Jan. 21 that it would move its headquarters from Beverly Hills to the Washington D.C. area, either the Maryland or Virginia suburbs. As a former Virginian who would love to see Hilton in the Commonwealth,MORE HERE

CALISTOGA – A great brand can come from doing something simply and well for just a few decades. Take the case of Dr. John Wilkinson and his Dr. Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort of California. The resort was founded in 1952 by John “Doc” and Edy Wilkinson. Growing up in theMORE HERE