OMAHA – Mutual of Omaha will release a new television version of the classic Wild Kingdom this January 2023. The series, subtitled “Protecting the Wild,” premieres on Jan. 2 at noon CST on RFD-TV. The series, hosted by Peter Gros, will be available for free on starting Jan. 4.MORE HERE

NEW YORK – Does anyone else think it odd that 60 Minutes, the flagship, iconic banner of CBS News, would be seen on CNBC, even in reruns? Here is the description on the CNBC site: ABOUT THE SHOW: “60 Minutes on CNBC” takes you a step further into hard hittingMORE HERE

HAMPTON, Virginia – What do Betty White and Lena Horne have in common? I will answer the question, but please let me tell you a story first. At the entrance to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel between Hampton and Norfolk was a motel called Strawberry Banks. Though it was aMORE HERE

Kukla, Fran & Ollie, a show that debuted January 12, 1949 on NBC, is now on DVD thanks to Martin Tahse Productions. The ad-libbed show initially ran five nights a week at 7 p.m., and was just as much for adults and kids. Of the initial run, there were 720MORE HERE

With GE’s pending sale of NBC Universal to Comcast, we look back at the pieces of NBC and RCA that still survive. GE purchased NBC’s parent company RCA in 1986; it actually reacquired it, as it was once the same company. GE quickly dismantled the company. RCA’s consumer television business,MORE HERE

Who would have thought that Westwood One (NYSE: WON) would be in penny stock range, and near de-listing? It’s a shame, as it was once a terribly innovative company; in 2005 its stock was at around $25. It still commands star power. Above, a Paris Hilton interview with Westwood OneMORE HERE