Lady Gaga Takes a Miracle Whip to Wonder Bread

Gaga Goes for Wonder Bread, Miracle WhipWe are indebted to the writer Abby Tayleure and music website NME for counting up the brands in Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s odd little “Telephone” video. That way, we didn’t have to watch it all.

t have to watch it all the way through.

It’s a nasty, nasty video, filled with prison sex and four-letter words. So we were surprised to see Chevrolet and Diet Coke listed. She is apparently creative director for Polaroid, so that product placement makes sense.

The video is partly set in a prison; so the low-class food like Wonder Bread fits. Though it is odd that the Wonder Bread appears in a sequence where Gaga does a mass poisoning! It’s all so over the top, it’s hard to get to offended by it, but its a dangerous area for brands. Virgin can get away with edgy, but most brands can’t.

The other question. Does Gaga have to “declare” all of this to the FTC, now that “bloggers” and other media folk have to fess up if they get freebie products or promotional fees for a placement? Some of the placements:

1:34: Heartbeats earphones.
2:06: Virgin Mobile.
2:17: Diet Coke.
4:15: Virgin Mobile (again).
4:24: HP Envy ‘Beats Limited Editon’ laptop from Monster.
4:28: Plenty Of Fish dating site.
4:44: Chevrolet.
5:37: Polaroid.
6:24: Wonder Bread.
6:36: Miracle Whip.
8:31: Polaroid (again)

Gaga had more of a luxury spin in another video, with brands like Parrot by Philippe Starck, Burberry, Nintendo Wii, Alexander McQueen and White Safari Carrera glasses.

We guess Wonder Bread and Miracle Whip could use any bit of promotion, but it’s a sad world when this is what you need to do in order to promote brands.


  1. lol
    you definitely don’t “get it”.
    waste of a blog

  2. I really like Lady Gaga with her odd costumes nevertheless she definitely let herself down this time going out in see through underwear.

  3. Lady Gaga always rocks. I like her very much!!!

  4. I adore Lady Gaga and wish I could have watched her in the Toyota Center. Her dresses are superb and she really rocks out.

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