Cypress Gardens Skis, Please

When folks look for water skis, brand names like Obrien and Connelly come to mind.

The main brand that comes to mind, though, is the Cypress Gardens Dick Pope brand. The question is what happened to Cypress Gardens Dick Pope skis?

There was a Dick Pope Jr AND Cypress Gardens.

They were the standard, the inventor. This would be like one day going to a bike shop and there weren’t any more Schwinn bicycles, or no more Wilson tennis racquets.

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  1. I have pair of dick pope skis red writing. No scratches used once only in perfect conditionn

  2. Todd ray – what do you want for Dick Pope’s – any pic’s?

  3. I have both the dick pope jr,cypres gsrden regular lenght and the dick pope lll shorter trick skis,anyone interested,I would sale them

  4. I have a pair if dick pope jr vintage wooden water skis w/ cypress gardens logo on them. Looking to sell…any one lookin?

  5. Have 67″ wooden cypress dens
    Profile challenger skis
    Worth anything?

  6. 2 wooden cypress gardens skis

    Profile challenger
    Worth anything?

  7. Have a nice set of Dick Pope III water skis & wondered what they are worth?

  8. I just acquired a pair of dick pope Jr. Wooden water skies with the cypress garden logo on them. Metal hard ware around boot area, good condition. They have some scrapes but not bad. Looking to get an idea of what they might be worth.

  9. Light fixture made with Cypress Gardens Dick Pope Jr water ski ~ very cool, fun, vintage art. Check it out!

  10. I have an early 1970’s Lil’l Monster slalom ski for sale, will accept reasonable offer.

    Cody Marchand

  11. I’m looking for 2 rear bindings (black) and 2 Cypress Gardens decals for my 2 Alfredo Mendoza Cypress Garden water skis that I am restoring.

  12. I have a pair if Dick Pope Jr( wooden) water skis for sale. If anyone interested make me an offer. They are also used for slalom skiing. Perfect wear and tear on boots and board has no cracks or faded spots. Thank you

  13. I just found a set of Dick Pope water skis in my grandparents storage building. I do not know much about them. Please contact me if interested

  14. I have a pair of dick Pope jr skis great condition make me an offer

  15. I have a pair of big pokey Jr skis make me an offer They’re in great condition

  16. I have a pair of ancient Dick Pope skis for sale. The logo says “Tourney” in red with “dick pope, jr” in the top of the “T” Make me an offer?

  17. I have a couple pairs of Dick Pope jr water skiis. Could someone please tell me how much they’re worth? They’re in great shape.

  18. I happen to have a pair of Dick Pope Jr. shoe skis. If interested in buying please E-mail

  19. Have a pair of Dick Pope Jr. water skiis in good condition. One is a slalom with the extra foot binding. Please contact via e-mail if interested.

  20. I have a pair of the Cypress Gardens Dick Pope Jr skis in good condition. Will sell to the right person for the right price. Will look great in a sports bar, man-cave or gameroom….Interested? Email me at or call me at 863-223-5529.

  21. I have two pairs of the Cypress Gardens Dick Pope Jr. skis in good condition if anyone is interested, email cooneyphotography (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. I have a pair of dick pope jr skiis in near perfect condition. One has extra foot insert for one foot skiing. Let me know if u want to buy them. 850-528-166zero

  23. I have a pair of Dick Pope, Jr Cypress Gardens Water Skis in very good condition. If you are interested in buying please email me at

  24. I acquired a Dick Pope III and a Dick Pope Jr. wooden Cypress Garden skis. Anyone interested in them, please email me and I will send you a picture.

  25. I have a pair of Dick Pope Jr. cypress garden in good condition.. I want to sell to anyone best offer.if interested please call or email 606-224-5408 or

  26. would love a pair of Dick Pope III skiis in great condition. e-mail me if you will sell

  27. Yes,Ihappen to have a wooden pair of Dick Pope.Jr cypress garden skis in excellent condition,has the cypress garden logo exactly like the one the author shows on the site.wood,finish,and all writing and decals are in great shape.Im looking to sell them anyone Interested please contact me or (305)733-5288

  28. My dad taught me how to ski on Dick Pope III water skis. That was almost 40 years ago. I held onto those skis and used them off and on until we purchased a boat in 2003. At that time, I would try nothing else. Nothing was better than my Dick Pope III skis! They held up well until 2 years ago when the wood finally started to separating. I was able to go on e-bay and find a pair of Dick Pope Jr. skis. My heart will try nothing else!

  29. need a pair of dick pope jr. write if u will sell

  30. I have a pair that I was wondering what they would be worth. I never owned a boat but went to the lake with several families as a kid. I would carry my new Dick Pope Jr’s for the day and then bring them back home. Probably have not been used many times.
    Anyone want to buy them?

  31. I have a pair of Paul Pope Jr., Cyprus Gardens, water skis. Please contact me if you know of anyone that might be interested in purchasing them.

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