Pan Am One Arrived in Baggage Claim

The Pan Am brand continues to thrive over a decade after it first died. The new luggage company Pan Am One has licensed the brand for luggage, reports London’s Financial Times. The new Pan Am site Pan Am One has old ads, retro music and ordering information. A long list of exclusive boutiques are selling the bags.

The news of the revival came in a Financial Times article written by trend noticer Syl Tang (Tang of the website Hip Guide.)

Now Pan Am is back in the shape of travel bags, courtesy of a licence acquired by Anthony Lucas, the man who rebranded Samsonite’s American -Tourister to emphasise their durability. Remember those ads with people jumping on suitcases? That was him. “When people think of travel, they now think of the drudgery of it, so it’s time to emphasise the fantasy,” he says.

“Many brands today are about being a ‘have’ or ‘have not’. People are driving Range Rovers but are they traversing the Serengeti? Most Rovers will never see the Serengeti but they give you the sense that you could. In that regard, the Pan Am bags are filled with an enormous history of the ‘have’.”


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