The Unsinkable Boston Whaler 13 Foot is 50!

We usually write about good brands that are screwed up. But this year, 2008, is the 50th anniversary of the Boston Whaler. The 50th year of the Unsinkable Boston Whaler. The company was founded in 1956 by Richard T. “Dick” Fisher and C. Raymond Hunt. Boston Whaler is now a unit of Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC).

What’s right about the Whaler?

  • First, it is a pure vision of a person, or a few people. A great brand is not usually something done by committee. Instead, someone has a passion, and they have to build this thing and start a company.
  • Second, it was a great idea, using new technology.
  • Third, they did some clever marketing; who can forget their TV advertisements of a boat cut in half?
  • Fourth, they are rooted in a place. While the company is now in Florida, their heritage has regional associations, and that gives the brand name power.
  • Fifth, they have not changed their logo much. While new products are added, the logo stays the same. Companies with a good logo need to keep it and make only minor tweaks.
  • Sixth, while they have added many new products to their line, they continue to make the 13 footer, which is a classic. Even better, the company has released a 13 foot anniversary edition of the original boat.


  • Garland Pollard

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