Boned Chicken In a Jar? Where to Find?

We all have the one food, or one brand, we really want from our childhood that is no longer around.

Reader Fred McClennan asks BrandlandUSA about boned chicken that was sold in a jar, and if we have any ideas what the brand was, and where to find it. Certainly, Swanson sells chicken. But McLennan thinks that today’s canned chicken can only be white meat, when dark meat is much more flavorful.

“I have been asking all sorts of folks if they remember when boned chicken (white and dark meat in chicken jel) cam in a jar. While some may say it had to be Swanson’s I believe that there was another famous brand…

Hmmm. Can someone please help him out? Chicken is hard to find on the web; words like “chicken” and “jar” are quite generic, and then when you stick “boned” in there, funny things happen.

We did find some brands, but none in jel! Help! In the interim, we’d open a can of Hormel, pictured above. In addition, Underwood chicken is pretty good.


  • Garland Pollard

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