Top North American Frozen Drink Brands

It’s summer. Time to think about great brands of frozen drinks. What are some of your favorites? Here are some of ours.parafreezium froster brandlandusa

  1. Slurpee. King of all frozen drinks brands, and unique to 7-Eleven around the world.
  2. Icee. Based in Ontario, California, Icee frozen beverages are found in every sort of outlet, including convenience stores. Kinda midway feeling, eh?
  3. Froster. This brand, sold by Mac’s in Canada, has just come out with a sub-brand, Parafreezium. Screenshot at right. Great promotion!
  4. Slush Puppy. This brand, started in 1970 by Will Radcliffe, claims to have gone beyondslush puppy logo cherry, grape and lime to wacky flavors. The Slush Puppie Company was acquired in January 2001 by London-based Cadbury Schweppes plc.
  5. Jolly Rancher. A brand extension of the candy. This is a great idea. How about we get a Life Savers brand of frozen carbonated beverages. It’s made by Portland, Oregon based YoCream.
  6. Freezeosaurus. Made By Hartley’s Brand, or H & H Products, this Orlando company sells all manner of syrups to retailers.
  7. Parrot Ice. Greg Johnson’s vertically integrated company makes its own dispensers, flavors and such. It has a whole brand family.
  8. Slushee. This Irish brand expanded into the U.S. and Great Britain.

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  1. Funny you didn’t mention Dairy Queen’s Mister Misty….. Like was my favorite

  2. Back in the day, 7 Eleven sold ICEE. My first exposure to the experience was at the Texas State Fair in 1963. 7 Eleven was a regional chain pretty much confined to the Dallas/Fort Worth area at the time.

    Later, 7 Eleven (which was originally called Cabel’s Minute Market), decided to license ICEE and renamed it Slurpee.

    They did a number of cute radio ads to promote the drink. Drinking a Slurpee would make you do strange things, for instance, walk backwards.

    There used to be a 7 Eleven where I currently live, but it was sold. I guess the Japanese company that bought out the Southland Corp doesn’t believe in smaller cities. It’s a damn shame I have to drive 60 miles to get a Slurpee!

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