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ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. – Thanks to our friend Johnnie Hubbel who tells us of her love of Red & White supermarkets. Johnnie (we call her LOU!) went into the one in Red Oak,  N.C. and found a big bin of Necco Wafers, rock candy and Chick-O-Stix. If you want to see a photo, click above on her name, and you will be sent to a photo from Bunny Tomerlin’s website, which we sure wish she would update.

Johnnie pays it a compliment. “It is low, old school. I am in heaven.”

When she was growing up in Warrenton, N.C., up until the 1980s, Red & White still delivered groceries. The men of the town went back and visited the butcher area, and had a drink. Apparently, there are still Red & White markets in Charleston, Savannah and Rocky Mount, N.C.

Red & White is a brand of Federated Group Grocers; they operate a cooperative service for grocers of all kinds.

We post a photo from Andrew Bain of Richmond, my old hometown ’til I left for palm trees in Sarasota. One of his sillier ones; look at his portfolio for all sorts of signs and stuff.

Below, a video from WRAL that shows the store at Christmas.

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  1. My father operated a Red &White grocery store in Lancaster, Ma from 1954 to 1961. He had purchased it from the previous owner whom he met while delivering Coca-Cola. I worked there as a young boy and recall unloading the delivery truck.

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