CHARLOTTE – The department store chain Belk has a new logo being slowly rolled out across the South. The sans serif, lower case Belk replaces a 196os scripty logo that was familiar across the South in various incarnations including Belk, Parks-Belk, Hudson-Belk and Leggett. The old logo design was aMORE HERE

FOUR OAKS, N.C. -One of the many historic meal and flour brands is House-Autry, founded in 1812. The brand dates from 1812 in Newton Grove, North Carolina. Later, the mill grew and merged with Autry Brothers Mill Company in 1967 to form House-Autry Mills. They opened a 2001 mill inMORE HERE

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. – Thanks to our friend Johnnie Hubbel who tells us of her love of Red & White supermarkets. Johnnie (we call her LOU!) went into the one in Red Oak,  N.C. and found a big bin of Necco Wafers, rock candy and Chick-O-Stix. If you want toMORE HERE