Diversify. Diversify. Frigidiare

Frigidaire on Main StreetA quick thought. We miss diversified car companies. We miss diversified retailers. We miss when our car companies did amusing things.

  • We liked Ford when it made Fordson Tractors, Tri-Motors and Philco Televisions.
  • We liked General Motors when it made Electro-Motive engines and Frigidaire appliances.
  • We liked Chrysler when it made Chrysler sailboats (long live the Buccaneer) and Chrysler Marine engines. We liked Chrysler when it sold engines for Eero Saarinen’s Mobile Lounges at Dulles.

We still like all these companies, but they were so much more interesting and adaptable when they were in different lines of business.
All companies are more interesting when they are diverse. All companies are more adaptable when they are diverse.

While it is awful to see a conglomerate with unrelated parts (that is what is pitiful about some of the GE ventures of the 1980s and 1990s), it is good to see industrial companies make things that relate, sort of, to what they do mostly. It keeps them flexible. So when a downturn comes, they don’t get stuck.

That being said, it is GREAT that Electo-Motive and Frigidaire are no longer with GM. At least they weren’t tainted with the mess.


  1. You’d be surprised the legacy brands that Electrolux owns:


    And those are for starters…..buy enough of them, and Electrolux will put any name you want on them….

    A lot of Kenmore home appliances these days are also Electrolux built…..Sears buys them with no manufacturer’s warranty on them and gets them cheap- Sears guarantees them themselves through their in-house service centers.

  2. Stephanie…Excellent idea on Kelvinator. There were lots of good products with the Kelvinator brand back in the day…I will try to post something and will put it on my list. Thanks for checking into the website!

  3. I’m a new comer here

    About Frigidaire, it’s sort of irony is Electrolux, the company who currently own Frigidaire, also own the rights of the former rival of Frigidaire, Kelvinator.

    Do you plan a topic about Kelvinator as well?

    Keep up your good work 🙂

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