Building New Brands on Etsy like Happy Squash Toys

Happy Sqash Toys on EtsyEditor’s Note: The site is now sold out of inventory

BROOKLYN – It’s the perfect moment for the craft-selling site, though calling it a “craft” site is kind of an understatement, as it has very little to do with the junk you might find at a typical non-juried craft fair.

There is much fascinating stuff on there; what is most fascinating is that there are individuals developing their own brands there. We can’t wait to see five years from now when the site develops even more. When America turns around again, it will be places like this website, and the craft entrepreneurs who sell on it, that help to pull us out of the muck.

Here, a wooden toy from Happy Squash Toys, a dad in Hilliard, Ohio who likes to make wooden stuff for the kids. Nothing edgy about it, just good looking workmanship. They are Melissa & Doug, without the attitude or didactic feel.

Happy Squash Bio: I started making toys a number of years ago when my wife and I wanted to find a safe alternative to plastic toys. I do all the design, woodworking and detail painting. My wife does all the sewing and paints as well. It has been a wonderful creative outlet for us and our daughter loves the toys we create, hopefully you will too.


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