Serv-a-Gravy Found! Plus a Bit of History

CHERRY HILL, N.J. – The brand Serv-a-gravy has been harder to find at stores. Charlie Slade, of the company Serv-Agen, gave a bit of history of the company.

The gravy brand was started by his grandfather, Herbert W. Salus, in 1936. He was a civil service commissioner and attorney. He got into the spice business on the side with the Clawson Company. Later, they purchased the gravy brand. It has grown, with new flavors added over the years.

Good news. He called to give us an update on the brand.

The company also owns another regional cult brand, Lem Pudding and Pie Filling. We will talk about that tomorrow.

The brands are available on Amazon, but Slade says that fans would do well to ask for it at their grocery stores. Most can stock it and will stock it if it sells.

The box is a classic; the lettering is quite good. Thankfully, they have not changed the chef on the box. Sadly, they have lost the original; apparently it was some bank executive in Philadelphia who inspired the drawing. “The chef has always been on the box,” says Slade.

Many gourmet and smaller grocery distributors carry the line; at smaller stores you can ask the manager to their wholesalers if they carry it.

Questions? Call the company at 856-685-7946.


  • Garland Pollard

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  1. I have been looking for any kind of Ser-a-gravy in 4 different supermarkets, and have had no luck finding any at all. It make me wonder why stores would pull something that was a seller off the shelves. I miss this gravy my grandparents only used serv-a-gravy, and then after they passed I would only use the product. I can’t find it on EBay, and Amazon and it’s not available in there also.

  2. OMG I cannot believe the gravy is gone.
    This will be our first Thanksgiving in 52 years without it. Very sad!

  3. Serv a gravy is gone! Say it ain’t so! I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find it and the others don’t compare. Anyone have any luck finding it?

  4. I am totally upset ..I have been looking for this gravy mix for over’s the best !!
    Please bring back …!!!

  5. I used this gravy for years my daughter and grandson have dairy allergy your product doesn’t have dairy in it so my children can enjoy great tasting gravy for all meats without any problems please please please bring your brand back my family missed having gravy with their meals turkey,Brown, children,and Brown w/onions because I can not find it anywhere anymore I miss it so and so does my family

  6. I have searched everywhere for this product. I got the last case from a gender in Israel (I’m on the east coast of America). I unfortunately think that there are no more left in existence. I have two packs of chicken and one pack of turkey left, I’m going to save it for Thanksgiving or Christmas. How sad.

  7. Where can I buy Serv a gravy beef

  8. I work near where the company was located. I had noticed last year that all stores in the area were getting low on inventory of everything. I found out that the company has gone out of business through one of their vendors selling it on amazon. Anyway, it is unfortunate because it was the best gravy in my opinion. I was able to stock up on most varieties by purchasing online last year. I hope someone will bring it back someday. Luckily I probably have about a 2 year supply.

  9. Has anyone found out, what happened with serv a gravy? Can’t seem to find an answer.

  10. I miss Serv a Gravy also. I found a substitute that is just as good or better. A little expensive and only found in British specialty shops called Bisto gravy mix

  11. I love this gravy mix. I am a vegetarian who keeps kosher. This product is the best I have ever found. Render’s used to carry it and I can not longer find it there. I hope this company is not out of business.

  12. I’ve been searching for days!! I have been using forever.. My mom used it and it’s all I ever used. Does anyone have a recommendation for roast beef sandwiches. I’m having a huge New Year’s party and no gravy for the roast beef sandwiches!!

  13. Love live their mixes. Can’t find them anywhere why. If they went out of business I wish some one would buy them. Other brands stink compared to their products. People have forgotten and don’t teach their kids to cook any more where every thing is dump it and it’s made like fast food. America has become lazy and markets are talking advantage of this and making tasteless products. We need this product back, where are you serving a gravy come back. Pleaseeeeeeee

  14. I went to three stores today looking for Serv a Gray. Found none. Been using it for decades. The brown Gravy Packet is great as it can be used alone or as a thickening agent to beef, pork and chicken roasts’ drippings. It always made a very tasty gravy. I called the company today , the recording said the mailbox was full, I could not leave a message. Why can’t we find this product in the stores? I doubt another brand will give me the same results. I am very disappointed .

  15. Hey. What gives? Can’t find brown serve a gravy here in las Vegas. Husband refuses to eat any other.

  16. I can’t find it either and I am really upset a bout this. I have used all 4 of them for over 20 years

  17. I have been looking for it everywhere. It is our favorite brown gravy! My mom used it and my kids love it ! I thought I was the only one who could not find it, now I see other people also cannot find it. I looked online… the same, Amazon sold out. ? not sure what we will replace it with ?
    I can’t believe it !

  18. Jackie: I had found a few boxes in my basement without any dates. Yes, they were surely old, but I didn’t care, used them anyway, no problems 😉

  19. Best gravy EVER. This specific brand and version has been passed down 3 generations (from my grandmother, to my mother, and me), AND I CAN NO LONGER FIND IT! I bought about 20 boxes on clearance from Acme last year, and I’m almost out. Shoprite is no longer selling the “brown”, and I just checked again today and no Serv A Gravy at all on the shelf. VERY SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I love this gravy. My mother used it, and I followed. Can’t find it. My Shop Rite doesn’t carry it anymore.
    I hope you bring it back.

  21. I, too, have been searching for serv a gravy. Never used anything else because it’s the best. Please let us know if we’re searching in vain. Hope not. Don’t know what I’ll do without serv a gravy.

  22. I look all over for it. Very upset. Tried others and are awful. My mother always used it.

  23. Please help me. I have been using serv a gravy for decades as has my mother. Recently Shop Rite and Acme haven’t been carrying it. Also went to Giant. Purchased mc cormick and it was horrible. So much more sodium too with their 30% less sodium. Please bring it back. We use every kind of your gravies. I even checked on Amazon and they are out of stock not knowing if it will return. Did you discontinue this item? Please say no. Thanks

  24. From what I could find via google the company is permanently closed. Called their number and got a “not in service” message. I fear serv a grave is gone for good. 🙁

  25. I want to buy brown gravy in bulk, can this be done? I had a supplier but they no longer are in business. I am a retail meat store in Gloucester township. I give away the gravy when my roast beef is sold. Thank you.

  26. Love this gravy, as do my entire family! We were also wondering if you went out of business and if not where can we buy your gravy?

  27. My entire family uses this gravy and we are unable to get it anywhere. Live in Blackwood NJ and others in Philadelphia. Can you let us know where to purchase
    Thank you

  28. Has your Servagravy company gone out of business?
    I’ve been searching for it for over a month?!?

  29. Have enjoyed Serv-a-gravy mix ( turkey) for many, many years.
    I don’t find a date on the box. Can you tell me if there is one and where it is..and if long
    a shelf life does this product have?

  30. I love this product. Never had a problem. Gravy is always the way you want it, just like home made. The turkey…mmmmmmmm….

    1. Can’t find it anywhere. Shoprite, Acme, Walmart Wilson’s, Amazon… all zilch. If I had known that they were going out of business I would have scooped up at least 50 boxes, but alas… its over. I found Spatini spaghetti sauce mix but Serv a gravy????

      1. My grandmother used Serv A Gravy. She died in 1965. My mom continued using it, and passed it down to me. I was heartbroken to see that it’s gone. I saw it on clearance in Acme a while ago and literally bought over 20 boxes, wiped them out. Also had a bunch in my basement, and a lot of those didn’t even have expiration dates. And I didn’t care.
        And I didn’t die or kill anyone with them.

        Well, they are all gone now. The old ones. The expired ones. The last ones.
        And I am devastated. No other gravy can compare. A family tradition for over 50+ years is gone. Sniff sniff.

        But I am wondering why I can add them to my cart at Acme…going to go to the store and check it out…

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