LAKE BUENA VISTA – If customers want it, then bring it back. That’s the lesson of Walt Disney World’s groovin’ treehouse cabins, which opened in 1975, and were demolished in 2002. They were simple structures, up one story in the trees, and were cousins to the raised treehouses at skiMORE HERE

Some random thoughts on assorted brands that we needed to express, because we could: Disney’s Youth Concern: Disney’s Robert Iger is quite worried about 14-year-old girls, and whether they can be taught to save energy. Or so he tells The Wall Street Journal. “When you have the unique opportunity thatMORE HERE

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Rich Ross, President of Disney Channels Worldwide, reflects on 2009 and his goals. One of the goals is to program and create franchises for boys. That’s a good move for Disney (NYSE: DIS); with American Girl movies and the like there is plenty for girlsMORE HERE

The question for companies with long established brands is always how to keep a brand fresh for new consumers all the while keeping old consumers happy. That question is sometimes asked wrongly; sometimes it is better to keep a product fresh for current consumers who have grown tired of aMORE HERE