TEANECK, N.J. — As a promotion for the centennial of Walt Disney, the camera maker Leica Camera AG has released a special edition Leica Q2 “Disney 100 Years of Wonder” camera. The camera is decorated with sketches from early Mickey Mouse cartoons. The Leica company said in a press releaseMORE HERE

LAKE BUENA VISTA – If customers want it, then bring it back. That’s the lesson of Walt Disney World’s groovin’ treehouse cabins, which opened in 1975, and were demolished in 2002. They were simple structures, up one story in the trees, and were cousins to the raised treehouses at skiMORE HERE

What makes us believe in brands, true brands, is that they are expressions of a dream made real. When a good one is lost, or screwed up, it’s sad, not because we care about the brand itself, but instead we care about the human component that made it happen. It’sMORE HERE

Amazingly, pieces of the 1964 New York World’s Fair are still around, and draw interest. Not only is the park there, with all its pieces (museum, marina) but pieces of the fair are scattered about the United States, still drawing attendance. This is proof that the idea of the parkMORE HERE

QUEENS – Egad. This is weird territory, but kind of fascinating. There was an elderly Brooklyn man who, in the 1980s, driving in a Mercedes coupe on the Grand Central Parkway, crashed and turned upside down. His distraction? He spied the Unisphere of the Queens World’s Fair, and was soMORE HERE