Dorothy Gray Satura Not the Same Formula?

A note from one of our BrandlandUSA readers. The eye cream Satura, the last remaining bit of the once leading Dorothy Gray cosmetics company, has apparently returned to the shelves. However, some fans of the cream say the new version is not as good as the old one.

Here is the comment from BrandlandUSA reader Patricia Sunday:

I am writing to you today because I have been looking for Dorothy Gray Satura Eye Cream for two years or more. I have searched everywhere and am desperate to find the old original formula. I finally found the product online and was so excited to find it. I ordered 12 jars of it, thinking it was the old original formula. When it arrived, I was so disappointed. The jar looks exactly the same but the contents are different. The cream is not the same at all. What has happened to the old formula? I have three other ladies standing by ready to purchase this product. We are all heart sick about this. We thought we had finally found the great eye cream we all used in the past. Please help!

Love for some other readers to help us out with this, or maybe the company can post a comment to help her out? Perhaps there is a mix up, literally or figuratively?

Interested in Dorothy Gray history? The company was founded in 1916. Read our post on the company’s history at Remembering Dorothy Gray.


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  1. I bought the moisturizing, pink face cream too. It is definitely not the same. I thought it may have been an old batch. I had been using it since 1970’s . It had such a heavenly fragrance, very subtle & the pale pink color & vitamin A in the cream made my skin glow. I tried to find it about 19 years ago, with no results, then found it online. Very disappointed as it was not same.

    1. i have a jar of the old formula hormone cream i be willing to sell. it’s the light blue 4oz jar

  2. I have a pink jar .my MOTHER use to use this.It had the hormones in it.It was.on sale at the drug store for $2.50.Regular price was$ 3.50.

  3. For Frances Pruitt (or any others who feel the same). I have an original jar of Dorothy Gray Cellogen Hormone Cream, 4 OZ {“WITH PROTEIN HYDROLYSATE”} almost full to the top, ceramic jar, robin’s egg blue, in great condition. I was going to use it on some creppy ? skin developing above my knees & forearms but would be glad to sell also. It’s a wonderful, thick, creamy texture, tan in color. My email is I am 62 y.o. now. 8^} I live in San Jose, CA. My phone # is 408-512-9011. I would be glad to send pictures.

  4. I actually have a one third full jar of the original Satura with hormones cream. It lists the ingredients on the jar. I would like to obtain the ingredients and make the cream myself at home, it’s that good!

  5. Is there anyone scientifically-minded out there’ that may have knowledge of “The original formula” recipe? If a woman made it, another woman can make it….right?!


  7. Hello,
    My name my name is Sabra Ash and I am 80 years young. I have been using Dorothy Gray’s Satura Eye Cream for over 60 years. I believe I have a jar of the original (discontinued) formula cream with a list of the ingredients. I also have a jar of the discountinued Dorothy Gray Cellogen Moisturing Hormone Cream. I, too, have been looking to buy more of these creams because they worked wonderfully. If I can help you with this, please contact me at my email. Thank you

    1. Do you still have the jar of Cellogen Moisturizing Hormone Cream? Are you interested in selling it?
      I’d appreciate your response, as I too used the cream about 50 years ago and always found it effective and a pleasure to use and experience. Thank You.
      917 600 9595

  8. Hello everyone read all your comments, does anyone have an old jar showing the old label of ingredients…I would love to see what was originally in it, I may have some person that can most likely make the same product from before, you all can make the cream yourself if you have the original formula of ingredients…I took up a natural makeup class, and learned how to make cold creams, lipstick, easy to do. Anyway I hate hear how they changed this product this world has changed, & will continue to change, manufacturers etc…don’t have the patience, time and money to spend on orginal products. I belive I have some information on old label of ingredients and were they made product, my great grandmother had old magazine of her products I have dig up, It was put away after she passed., I kept all her beauty information…thank you, hopefully making these phone calls will help. Have a Bless day!

  9. funciona perfectamente la adquiero cara y muy dificil de conseguir soy Mexicana del Edo. de Hidalgo

  10. As of about a year ago, I bought the eye cream and moisturizing cream. Both were reformulated by the new company.
    I use the eye cream for chapped lips and to get the face cream to the right consistency, I had to blend in two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil. Now it performs much like the original. I do wish they’d do some more reformulating. I miss the ultra- rich night cream for very dry skin.

  11. I totally agree with all of the above comments. I have used this cream for over 45 years and my mother used for over 50 years. It was wonderful. Now it is like putting crisco on your face. Bring back the old formula. This one is terrible.

  12. I loved the old formula, but I gess I’ll have to take what I can get. It’s still better thn any othr.Sure would be great to get the old cream.

  13. The new formula is horrible. It really is greasy and can’t imagine why KCM thinks any women would want to put it on their face. Bring back the old Satura!

  14. The original formula in the 60’s contained hormones, which is now not approved by the FDA, I wonder if that is why it was reformulated? Who knows, every company seems to get their jollies off of discontinuing great products. Revlon Eterna 27 is probably the closest thing, its the only hormone cream in the USA that is still on the market, that’s at walgreens or

    1. This lady is absolutely right. I used it in my 20’s. and 30’s and now I’m 80. It came in a gray jar and it was called Dorothy Gray Hormone Creme. It’s the reason my face looks like it’s still 50! Obviously, the new company was not able to purchase the rights to the original formulas. With so many people wanting the products, you would think the old company would sell them to someone, so they could carry on the tradition. What happened to the old company?

  15. I am facing the same disappointment, too. I ordered from an Amazon distributor, and for the first time received the changed formula–for the eye cream. Terrible–all perfumed up, a white color, no hint of the lanolin that the old formula contained. I’d been hoping to stock up on that great eye cream. I first used the highly effective eye emollient in ’71. It absolutely saved the skin around my eyes. Satura Eye Cream had the same ability. Don’t know what to do now except to use pure lanolin. That’s hard to find, but you can find HomeHealth Liquid Lanolin Pure Emollient Oil at some healthfood stores and get similar results. This is best used as a night eye emollient.

  16. I would like to let the manufactures of Dorothy Gray know that very many people want them to bring back the old formula of eye cream that was thick emollient. The new eye cream is not the same.

  17. PS Don’t buy it from KCM because it’s the new formula and it is no good.

  18. It’s not fake Satura, it’s that KCM went and changed the formula and added something and ruined it- pink grease is what it is. I just left a message for the rep at KCM- if they don’t bring the old formula back they might as well just discontinue it all together because it’s awful and you can’t use it. No one will buy it. Hopefully there will be someone who will listen and go back to the orig. formula. Ascendia Brands were using the old formula so I don’t know why KCM changed- EVERYONE needs to call and complain so we can get the old formula back!!!!! This cream is wonderful. I have been using since the 80’s and my skin is beautiful!!!!

  19. The Satura Vitamin A that I have used for years and years is no longer the same great product. Before I order another jar, can I get a sample to make sure I’m not getting “goose grease”!!!

  20. Just horrible – like using pink petroleum.

  21. I just purchased Dorothy Gray’s Satura and was so excited that I even found some. All the women in my family have used it for years and we all have great looking skin. What I ordered was like putting Crisco shortening that was tinted pink, on my face. Awful. In fact, I’m sending it back. What a disappointment. I want the original cream back.

  22. I’ve been using and loving Satura creme, the brown jar, seems like forever and purchasing it at Los Angeles St., in LA, CA 90013, since discontinued at stores. On 9-17-11, I purchased
    (12) jars, and they turn out to be awful. They are greasy and fake. The distributor is KCM, which was mentioned in comments. Don’ call them they are selling a fake Dorothy Gray.
    selling the fake Satura.

  23. My mom has used Satura moisturizer faithfully since the early 60’s and I’ve been using it since 1990. Please return to the old formula. I figured I had purchased an old jar that the contents had separated since it is so oily and greasy now.

  24. desesperada por encontrar la crema satura original ya la hacen pirata con 40 de red por eso es mas rosa les agradeceria donde encontrarla en mexico

  25. My mom and I have both use this product since the 70’s. I have one jar of the old and one of th new and compared. The formula has changed quite a bit. The cream is now usless. The only thing you can use it for is your feet. One idea is that there are companies that can make copies of your discontinued cosmetics, maybe they can do the same with the cream. Thank you for the number! I am definately going to call KCM!

  26. Kcm Brands LLC
    2182 Route 35
    Holmdel, NJ 07733-1125 map

    (732) 203-0900

    I called and left message with KCM hoping to find out about Satura….we should all call!!!!

  27. I have been using Dorothy Gray Satura for face since 1980,30 years!(ascendia Brands,Co.Inc) I loved it! But yesterday I bought a new one, the jar is the same but the cream is so different, dark pink, smells different and its texture is sticky ,it is not smooth , and the brand also is different, now it has your KCM Brand….What happened? Please let us know where we can get the old formula…..Thank you! Alicia, from Mexico City

  28. i also bought a satura cream for the face i received is
    same the jar is the same but the cream is not please we really need
    the old cream it will be posible to do it again for us the fervient
    customer of Dorothy Gray. thank a lot if you really help us to get
    ! the old formula again!

  29. satura cream where I can buy live in los angeles california? some shop?

  30. I live in south africa and in the eighties I once bought a satura moisture lotion for face. It was a cream coloured lotion in a bottle-about 100ml I think,and it smealt divine! After only 1 week of using it, I received comments on my beautiful skin. But then it got discontinued-is it ever gona come back again?

  31. I have been using Dorothy Gray since 1961 I was 14 in that time. I’m so use to using Dorothy Gray. It’s the only cream that keeps my face moisten and looking young. I too am disappointed with the new formula. It doesn’t smell the same and it doesn’t feel right on my face. SO, please bring the old formula back, the one we all used.
    I have passed on this great cream to my 3 Daughters. Please, bring back the old formula

  32. I have been using Dorothy Gray Satura Eye Cream since I was 18. I am now 57. Since Dorothy Gray sold, I too have spent the past 2 years trying to locate. Also, very excited to find and ordered only to receive and it is not the same product. How do we get the message to the manufacturer that we want the original product?????

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