PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD – The House of Angostura, maker of Angostura Bitters, will celebrate its 200 year anniversary this year, in 2024. The brand dates from 1824, when it was created in Venezuela as a medicinal tincture by Dr. Johann Seigert, surgeon general in Simon Bolivar’s army. In theMORE HERE

BELIZE CITY – British Honduras, now Belize, became independent in 1981. Today, the Commonwealth country Belize has been one of the most successful post colonial countries. It has not only managed to preserve its institutions, but create a welcoming climate for locals and tourists, preserving its nature, farms, Mayan ruinsMORE HERE

Florida writer Sandra Friend, editor of the Florida Hikes site, reminds BrandlandUSA about Schweppes Bitter Lemon. Can you find me a source for Schweppes Bitter Lemon in Florida, Garland? I got SO hooked on it in Europe. Perfect drink for a hot day. And hey, it beats off malaria, too!MORE HERE

Are there still Wink fans? Wink was the grapefruit-based soft drink by Canada Dry. Originally, the drink had a Wink-mobile that drove around, with a giant Wink bottle on top. Folks would do a sort of Pepsi Challenge and taste it. The grapefruit was very tart, and it originally resembledMORE HERE

The Australian bank Westpac is apparently considering to use a predecessor bank name as a separate online brand to help lure deposits. Reviving a brand online is one that is gaining increasing currency in an Internet age. Even retailers are doing it, the best example being the British version ofMORE HERE

LONDON – There are few trademarks more remembered than London’s Routemaster buses, and their recent revitalization is proof that moving vehicle programs can become historic landmarks in and of themselves. (At right, a beautiful American family enjoying the upstairs in 2004). The Routemaster dates from 1956, and since then itMORE HERE

Here’s a word relationship that won’t be on S.A.T. tests. As Schweppes is the top brand for tonic water, Canada Dry is the top brand for ginger ale. This pre-1960 guide, from the collection of the late attorney Charles P. Pollard, shows a historic, and sellable, image of the brand.MORE HERE