Pan Am Comes Back – As a TV Show


Portsmouth, N.H. – The Pan Am brand is making a new push at a comeback, with a new TV show from ABC and a revived fashion line. The airline Pan Am died years ago after two successive efforts to revive the airline. Today, it lives on companies as varied as Pan Am Railways and a flight academy.

The successor Pan Am Systems, which owns a variety of transportation and other corporate assets, is now developing the logo as a fashion brand as well as licensing it out to ABC for a television program.

Recently, the company unveiled a new effort at licensing a fashion line that was exhibited at the “Project” tradeshow in Las Vegas. Not only did it include bags, which were developed a few years ago, but fashion items such as the belt seen here. Said Director of Marketing and Corporate Development Stacy Beck:

“One of things we noticed along the way was that while people only wanted to pay $49 for an airline ticket, they didn’t mind paying $150 for a bag,” Beck said.

In recent months, the interest in the brand has grown with the news published in Variety of an ABC television show based on the rights. Sony will produce the show, which is based on the airline during the 1960s.

In addition, a grassroots effort is developing to raise awareness about the future of the old Pan Am Worldport at JFK Airport. The landmark structure, which hosted hundreds of thousands of important visitors over its 50 year history, is threatened with demolition by its successor airline Delta and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.


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