Mexican Coke, Yes or No

20110414-121726.jpgDoes the real sugar Coke taste better than your local bottler’s version?

Mexican Coke has sugar, though not all Coca-Cola sold in Mexico has sugar. It was originally sold in the U.S. for Mexican expats, but grew and is now sold across the country as a specialty item.

The U.S. coke also is sold in old style bottles, which are sadly not returnable for use.


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  1. Infinitely better tasting, crisp, cold, in glass, no freaky corn sugar weird after taste. NO COMPARISON HANDS DOWN BETTER! 🙂

  2. Mexican Coke with the real sugar is a million times better (and that’s an exact number) than regular corn-sweetened coke. Same with Dublin Dr. Pepper.

    Cool site.

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