Cincinnati Brand Revivals: Christian Moerlein and Rookwood Pottery

CINCINNATI – Two well known regional brands are re-finding their place in the pantheon of Ohio business history. Christian Moerlein Brewery and Rookwood Pottery are profiled in a recent issue of the Cincinnati Business Courier.

U.S. Bank’s Business Watch profiled the two companies in a TV report, seen above. They are seen in Cincinnati as evidence not only of the importance of history, but of the city’s repositioning as a headquarters for great American brand names.

The common denominator of the two businesses is that both are run by enthusiasts who first love their products, and then choose to make money off them.

Rookwood was revived by Dr. Art Townley, a collector who put together all of the assets including 3,000 master molds, glaze formulas, company notes, and perhaps most importantly, the Rokwood trademarks in 1982. The revival of Christian Moerlein is the same; the video above features an interview with Greg Hardman of Christian Moerlein, who asserts the importance of making the beer in Cincinnati to be a key part of the brand.

The print version in the Cincinnati Business Courier features quotes from BrandlandUSA’s Garland Pollard.


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