Your name has been your name for as long as you’ve known you. At least that’s the case for most of us.between the ages of four and seven months, the neurons involved in name recognition kicked in, and you learned to recognize your own name. And so you learned theMORE HERE

The employment picture is a fright, no matter how nicely the people at Bureau of Labor Statistics spin it. In the last year, my adopted home state of Florida lost nearly one million jobs, and we won’t get them back for years, even if the recession fades. The question IMORE HERE

Today, we explore brand names that are still around, but ignored or underutilized by their owners. In some ways having an underestimated brand is good, as too much of exploiting a brand makes it vulnerable to overexposure. Nevertheless, there is a vast difference between overexposure and prudent exposure. We areMORE HERE

INGLEWOOD, Calif. – As the new 2010 Health Care Bill has been introduced and passed, medical professionals in addition to the general public have all said in unison – “ok, now what?” Many unanswered questions remain. People are still trying to understand the most important thing of all – howMORE HERE

No, I’m not talking about the late Jerry Garcia. I’m talking mums. Potted mums. I have been thinking about a pot of red mums that sit by the walkway into my house. Different things happen to mums in different economies. When things are booming and we all have cash, weMORE HERE