INGLEWOOD, Calif. – As the new 2010 Health Care Bill has been introduced and passed, medical professionals in addition to the general public have all said in unison – “ok, now what?” Many unanswered questions remain. People are still trying to understand the most important thing of all – howMORE HERE

No, I’m not talking about the late Jerry Garcia. I’m talking mums. Potted mums. I have been thinking about a pot of red mums that sit by the walkway into my house. Different things happen to mums in different economies. When things are booming and we all have cash, weMORE HERE

There’s one indisputable truth about brand naming: your name is only as good as your company, product, or service. Consumers rarely invest in something based solely on the perceived quality of its name. They invest in a product’s or brand’s reputation. Names can influence purchase decisions, but they don’t unilaterallyMORE HERE

Building your brand name used to be about running commercials. No longer. Today, with new technology, you still need to run commercials and do in-store, and all those other things. But now, you need to do other things, including posting content about your company on the web. One of theMORE HERE