Re-reading Peter York’s 1984 book Modern Times, we came to ask the question. Has it come too far? York (real name Peter Wallis), astute author of The Sloane Ranger Handbook, asserted in the chapter “Chic Graphique” that before the sixties, corporate identity was abstract. But with the advent of theMORE HERE

In the 20th century, one of the most notable guides to food and hospitality on the road was Duncan Hines’ Adventures in Good Eating. The story is simple; Duncan Hines, a traveling salesman, kept voluminous notes on the places that he traveled in the United States. He loved good restaurantsMORE HERE

What happens when you have a 200-year-old insurance brand name and some smartsy fartsy “branding” and “marketing” people get involved? The brand dies in favor of a name that would be better as a diet pill. Believe it or not, it happened recently with the U.K. insurance company Aviva, whichMORE HERE

Canadian writer Mark Shainblum, an Ottawa, Ontario journalist and editor, is best known as a science fiction and comic book writer. He sends us his his top favorite missing Canadian brands. The cartoonist was quite stunned to hear that Crosley Radios is back, and found our site that way. HereMORE HERE

On perusing the excellent children’s book This is London by M. Sasek, readers encounter on page 38 a mention that there “is always time for a cup of tea.” The next page then shows a drawing of a London street scene with the J. Lyons Tea Room featured. First, aMORE HERE

If ever there was a reason to stick with a strange logo no matter what, take a look at this Nabisco logo, pictured above. It is from the side of a warehouse in Pensacola, Florida. It works. It describes the Six Rules of Company Brands. The company brand is anMORE HERE

There are great game show brands, mostly show names. The one in the news now is The Price Is Right. Everyone loves the show, and CBS even sells licensed product merchandise to go along with the show. But what made the show great wasn’t just the host, Bob Barker, itMORE HERE