At Christmas, everyone needs boxes and tins. In fact, all through the year, we need storage. Yet we throw out un-useful packaging boxes that have to be recycled. And then we buy more boxes and containers for packaging. Recycling is expensive, and it uses energy and produces waste during collectionMORE HERE

When a brand goes into decline or a company purchases another company, older legacy brands often get lost or neglected, even when there is value and bankable goodwill. While some names are worth killing off, there is enormous value in many older legacy brands. What is a company to doMORE HERE

JAMAICA, NY – The recent renovation of the Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Flight Center, now known as T5, was a true passing of the torch, as Ruth Richter Holden, daughter of TWA co-founder Paul Richter, flew her restored Lockheed Electra into JFK Airport for the dedication ceremony. Ruth Richter Holden, quiteMORE HERE

Here at BrandlandUSA, folks love the brand extension. Not only does it provide exposure for old brands, it helps give the aging “legacy” brand a new chance at relevance. Sometimes, the old uses for brands disappear. Witness McCall’s, which disappeared as a magazine when it was renamed Rosie. But McCall’sMORE HERE

Solutions and links for struggling brands We’ve got alot of advice at BrandlandUSA. And we love to share it. We collected a group of our “Advice” postings over the last year, in the hopes that someone that needed some inspiration and advice over a struggling brand name might find someMORE HERE

Re-reading Peter York’s 1984 book Modern Times, we came to ask the question. Has it come too far? York (real name Peter Wallis), astute author of The Sloane Ranger Handbook, asserted in the chapter “Chic Graphique” that before the sixties, corporate identity was abstract. But with the advent of theMORE HERE