AUBURN HILLS – Change is not the friend of brands. So when we happened to notice that Dodge Trucks were becoming rebranded as Ram, we were, to say the least, annoyed. Then, we heard Ram Brand President and CEO Fred Diaz on a post from the Detroit Auto Show. ChryslerMORE HERE

A few assorted thoughts that need to get out scraps of paper: Combe has great brands. The news that the brands of Combe are for sale, the Journal reported, was tempered by the fact that apparently other companies just want Just for Men, and not other brands like Williams MugMORE HERE

The new Land’s End catalog features one of the great American cars, a car brand with great enduring appeal. The Grand Wagoneer. It still holds as an icon, or so the happy scene to the right shows. The car helps sell clothes, and connotes a lifestyle. The branding question isMORE HERE

BEIJING – Do the Chinese understand brands better than the U.S.? In some ways, yes. The Chinese interest in American brands, it is hoped, will help preserve a few. But one good thing; it is China that helped save Buick. The success of General Motors’ Buick in China was soMORE HERE

We came across the below statistics from the website It turns out that the dead brands of General Motors accounted for one in six sales at the ailing U.S. automaker. Writes their editorial: Looking ahead, GM has a couple big issues. For starters, Pontiac sold 30,000 odd cars lastMORE HERE

IRVINE, Calif. – Best known for its car-care products, the niche boat and car cleaner brand Meguiar’s sold out to 3M on October 3, 2008. 3M already makes a number of automotive products, and the Meguiar’s product line includes waxes, polishes, cleaners, conditioners and protectants for the automotive and marineMORE HERE

Reader Gary Dee sent a link for the site of Not a Cushman Scooter, simply titled It followed a short history of the Cushman scooter published last spring. It is the site of a man who has done his own version of the Cushman, not only for himself, butMORE HERE