The big question on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio program today was “Do they still make those lemon juice squeezers that are shaped like lemons?” It appeared that Seth Liebsohn, who is Bennett’s on air foil (and executive producer) could not find them. Apparently, they weren’t in most Washington,MORE HERE

What to do when you have a great, old brand with a great history and you need a new trick? Release a classic version of the product. That’s just what Golden Valley, Minn.-based General Mills just did with their Wheaties cereal brand. General Mills released a vintage version of theMORE HERE

Gosh, we didn’t realize how much we miss General Foods, the company founded by Clarence Birdseye, inventor of frozen foods, and C.W. Post, creator of Postum. When General Foods merged with Kraft, the General Foods got lost. That is too bad. Because Kraft is a fine name, but we associateMORE HERE

It is always a good idea to remember the lessons of brand-killing mistakes. While most know the case of New Coke, there are other products that have returned because of consumer pressure. One fan sites relating to a bad decision is Bovril. In 2004, Unilever removed beef from the productMORE HERE

There have been rumblings from anonymous BrandlandUSA readers that Kraft Pizza Dinners from Canada are being smuggled across the border to the U.S. The apparent reason? They are no longer sold in the U.S. Sorry for the crummy lo-res jpeg at right but its all there was. There is oneMORE HERE

While we have a certain nostalgia toward old spice containers, the new promotion for McCormick has BrandlandUSA intrigued. For anything that asks the average kitchen warrior to dissect the packaging of a spice container has to be good. McCormick’s premise is simple. The spice you might have in the kitchenMORE HERE

Morton’s (though the packaging said Morton) was encyclopedic in its frozen grocery offerings, and each package, at least in the 70s, was stylish. (Pictured above is an old Look magazine ad from 1969, before a 70s super-graphic redesign.) There were Morton Pot Pies, Morton Creme Pies, Morton Cinnamon Rolls. Morton Honey Buns came four to a package, and there was so much sugar on each that when you pulled the buns out, the sugar frosting was all over the package and the four came out like a brick. MORE HERE