BEVERLY HILLS – Hilton Hotels Corp. announced Wednesday, Jan. 21 that it would move its headquarters from Beverly Hills to the Washington D.C. area, either the Maryland or Virginia suburbs. As a former Virginian who would love to see Hilton in the Commonwealth, I still think it is a horribleMORE HERE

We were curious about Old Dutch Cleanser; it was one of the most recognizable trademarks of the early 20th century consumer product era. Old Dutch, along with Comet and Bon Ami, was one of the big brands of pumice-based kitchen cleaners; its railcars were even featured on Tyco and LionelMORE HERE

We pulled some favorite branding stories from across the web. Thought it might make some good reference. And we just stuck a DePinna ad to promote our old story on prep brands that are no longer around, like DePinna, but have some residual brand value. BBC Report on Dead Brands,MORE HERE

  What happens when brand families are dispersed? Would 3M keep Scotch tape, but sell off Scotchguard? Would Johnson & Johnson keep Johnson’s baby oil, but rid itself of Johnson’s No More Tears? Would United Technologies keep Carrier home heating & air, but spin off Carrier commercial division? Not likely,MORE HERE

It’s quite amazing that Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and the Cream of Wheat man still exist on the shelves of America. We call them the Plantation Brand Trio. Somehow these characters have managed to survive the politically correct witch hunts of the latter 20th century. Having grown up in VirginiaMORE HERE