There are many well-known religious publishing brands, both denominational and for-profit. Thomas Nelson and Zondervan are some of the best-known among the for-profits. Zondervan’s sister imprint HarperOne, publisher of Rob Bell’s bestseller Love Wins, continues a long tradition of religious publishing at the old Harper & Row. Of the strongMORE HERE

We ran across a recent post on the future of AM radio that set out some ideas on keeping the format viable. While the idea of AM radio still lives, and is relied upon by millions each day, the audience is increasingly aging. Furthermore, the band has seen more interferenceMORE HERE

HONOLULU – Bringing back something as iconic as Hawaii Five-O is a major challenge. There is enormous love for the old, so you don’t want to change it up too much. But you don’t want to mimic the old too closely, which would desecrate the original, and obviate the reasonMORE HERE

HAMPTON, Virginia – What do Betty White and Lena Horne have in common? I will answer the question, but please let me tell you a story first. At the entrance to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel between Hampton and Norfolk was a motel called Strawberry Banks. Though it was aMORE HERE

SAN FRANCISCO – Celebrities as brands is not a new phenomenon, but it is one that continues to evolve. Gaining income from a famous person’s legacy reserved for stars whose images were larger than life. But today, many owners of the intellectual property of lesser-known entertainers and artists are findingMORE HERE

LONDON – BBC is reporting that Sir Paul hopes that EMI’s famed Abbey Road studios might be saved. Apparently, it is for sale for $30 million. EMI, remembered by some as Electric and Musical Industries, is in bad shape. Owners Terra Firma Capital Partners Ltd. want to break up EMIMORE HERE

Time is a very important part of branding, whether it be time of year, time of week or time of day. As humans, while we crave variety, we are creatures of habit, and any company that pays attention can build a brand if there are specific times associated with it.ButMORE HERE

Kukla, Fran & Ollie, a show that debuted January 12, 1949 on NBC, is now on DVD thanks to Martin Tahse Productions. The ad-libbed show initially ran five nights a week at 7 p.m., and was just as much for adults and kids. Of the initial run, there were 720MORE HERE

Each year when various Charlie Brown holiday specials arrive on ABC Family, I get a bit confused. Not only are they not on CBS, they are missing the “CBS Special” intro that dates from the Lou Dorfsman era. If you don’t know about the late Lou Dorfsman, he is aMORE HERE