WATERFORD, IRELAND – When I converse with anyone about an old, deceased brand, the conversation often comes to the point where we wonder about the brand’s value, especially if I am the only person who knows of the brand name. I came across a perfect situation while reviewing a MarchMORE HERE

Most companies don’t want average people in their headquarters. They say that there are “insurance” reasons they don’t have a display in the lobby or that “liability” or “OSHA” or some other rules prevent customers from touring facilities. But we know that is a bunch of bunk. It’s an excuse.MORE HERE

BRYAN, Ohio – Companies thinking they need a “factory tour” imagine frightening things, including expensive liability insurance, nightmarish staffing costs and other annoying things like fans who love your products. Yes, we do hate those people who love our products! How annoying! We take a different view. Product tours areMORE HERE