Consolidation has ruined the radio industry, destroying the legacy of generations of independent radio stations, and local radio voices. But a new (but very old) idea has come back to possibly rescue the industry. It is the advertiser owned radio station. Over a century after the founding of radio inMORE HERE

NEW YORK– CBS is the nation’s most credible name in radio. This week, it debuted a new online experiment that marries the best of online and terrestrial radio. It’s CBS Sports Radio Roundup, a 12-hour weekday online stream that aggregates the best interviews from across the CBS radio spectrum, takingMORE HERE

We ran across a recent post on the future of AM radio that set out some ideas on keeping the format viable. While the idea of AM radio still lives, and is relied upon by millions each day, the audience is increasingly aging. Furthermore, the band has seen more interferenceMORE HERE

With GE’s pending sale of NBC Universal to Comcast, we look back at the pieces of NBC and RCA that still survive. GE purchased NBC’s parent company RCA in 1986; it actually reacquired it, as it was once the same company. GE quickly dismantled the company. RCA’s consumer television business,MORE HERE

NORFOLK – Radio stations are one of the more important regional brands that define a community. In a geographic region, and through the years, a radio station’s call letters become associated with a set of numbers, namely the station’s frequency. (A great discussion of the history of the Federal CommunicationsMORE HERE

So Circuit City is gone, and it’s Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) and Radio Shack (NYSE: RSH). How opportune for Radio Shack, whose stock seems to be in miracle zone, namely above $10 a share. In August 2007, we wrote on BrandlandUSA some of our ideas for improving Radio Shack. TheyMORE HERE

CLYDEBANK – O.K., so there’s Fox, Coke, Ford, Ritz, Pledge, Simply Orange, Herbal Essence and the Kodak Theater. But what other brand was on the first outing of this season’s American Idol? It is Radio Clyde 261. Randy Jackson was wearing a Radio Clyde 261 T-shirt through the first PhoenixMORE HERE

We are thinking alot about radio, the recording industry and such. As the radio industry and recording industry evolve, there are lots of new opportunities to think about. A few posts relating to radio include: Saving Network Radio and Westwood One Oldest Releases on Archeophone We’re Lovin’ Remastered Casey KasemMORE HERE

Who would have thought that Westwood One (NYSE: WON) would be in penny stock range, and near de-listing? It’s a shame, as it was once a terribly innovative company; in 2005 its stock was at around $25. It still commands star power. Above, a Paris Hilton interview with Westwood OneMORE HERE