PHILADELPHIA – To celebrate its centennial, Pep Boys will launch a promotional road trip that will, among other things, emphasize its new role as a repair shop, and not a parts retailer. But it seems that their founding mascots, Manny, Moe and Jack, might not be along for the ride.MORE HERE

I grew up Coca-Cola. My dorm master at Woodberry Forest School, Mr. Richard Glover, was Pepsi. He served Pepsi on Turner Hall, had Pepsi stock, and he loved Pepsi. In our many discussions of the relative merits of the brand that went on for seeming hours as I drank PepsiMORE HERE

It’s quite amazing that Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and the Cream of Wheat man still exist on the shelves of America. We call them the Plantation Brand Trio. Somehow these characters have managed to survive the politically correct witch hunts of the latter 20th century. Having grown up in VirginiaMORE HERE