Radio Talk Shows Revive Revlon’s Enjoli Name

Discussion topic this morning on talk radio. What song should Sarah Palin have as her “intro” before she addresses the RNC? Radio talk shows are buzzing, and bringing back an old name. Revlon’s Enjoli. Actually, the commercial is based on the old Peggy Lee song, herself a good friend of Ronnie and Nancy, and as we recall, guest at the White House in the Reagan terms.

Looking at the commercial though, the Enjoli actress looks FAR more like Cindy McCain, except for the big hair. Today, Enjoli is one of the perfume brands of Revlon, including Charlie and Jontue. We can still hear the ads now. Back then, it was part of Charles of the Ritz, itself purchased and shut down by Revlon in 2002.

Frankly, there is more equity in Charles of the Ritz than Enjoli, but at least the latter is still on the shelves. Revlon, whose stock price SUCKS (is the stock FREE?), ought to think about how it could extract some value from Charles of the Ritz, either on its own, or through licensing. Charles of the Ritz is on the 100 Brands That Need to Come Back List.

Want to know more about old perfume brands? Read our post A Trip Through Historic Perfume Brands.

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