Dept Stores

Sahara Las Vegas

Sahara, Dayton’s and Tanya Tucker Return

Periodically, we look at some of the new versions of old brands. A few revivals this

Brands Formerly Found at Lord & Taylor

NEW YORK- About 10 years ago, someone put together a list of all the brands at

San Antonio’s Joske’s Latest in ‘Department Mall’ Trend

SAN ANTONIO – The Joske’s Department Store, so long a beloved presence in Texas, yet another

Dayton’s Throws Hat Into Brand Name Revival

MINNEAPOLIS – It was always inane and wasteful that Macy’s could not figure out what to


Tampa’s Tamiami Repair & Rebuild Corridor

TAMPA – Repair businesses were once a backbone of a small-town economy. If Main Street was the front-facing retail and

Fashion Brands


J. Crew Problem: Snuffleupagus Pants & Emperor’s Ugly Clothes


On the Shelves: Izod Leashes and Laura Ashley Dogpens. Really.


His Lordship, Mad Men Nautical & Military Jewelry


Cohen & Sons: Bringing Back a Brand on Kickstarter


The Disappearing Retail Clothing Label


Boast Brand Revived


Rooster: Relic of a Great Era of American Ties

Health and Beauty

Sea & Ski Brand Resurfaces, Sort Of

The suntan lotion brand Sea & Ski has returned to the market, sort of. To many, the special scent

Search for the Old Remedy Antiphlogistine

Some have asked BrandlandUSA to help them find the poultice Antiphlogistine. Hard to spell, and

History of Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

So many fragrances get forgotten, ruined or changed, but one that has survived for men

History of Mason Pearson Brushes

LONDON – Funny how a small, old brand can captivate a current audience. Such is

Tame Conditioner Returns As Frizz Tamer

The original conditioner, Tame, is back on the shelves as a house brand at Dollar

Too Many Brand Extensions is MAALOX MOMENT!

WASHINGTON, D.C. – So FDA issues a warning today about Novartis Consumer Health’s Maalox. We’ll

Personna Razors in Piccadilly Circus

LONDON – Many brands that were once popular still get exposure through popular media, especially

TAMPA – Repair businesses were once a backbone of a small-town economy. If Main Street was the front-facing retail and public end of the local business ecosystem, the side streets and corners, with cheaper rents, offered small businesses the space to fix things. The Norman Rockwell painting What Makes itMORE HERE

A candy that is first candy, and then gum, is a special kind of Wonka-like experience. Not Wonka-like because of its provenance, but because of its ambition. Razzles are not only sweets and taste, but technology and sensation. Something happens. They do something. They are sort of transformative, in theMORE HERE

This could be good time for Lenox, and all things American. When the virus goes, people will want to have the family over for a large dinner. And in a time when we spend $1,000 for caterers or supplies for a dinner, why not spend the same amount for something decent, and not Pottery Barn, to serve it on.MORE HERE

Tower Records Returns

If the U.K. was once known as a nation of shopkeepers, perhaps we might say that the U.S. and the U.K. can now be known as the nations of e-commerce sites. In this season, a number of once well-known names have returned. The British eyewear company Curry & Paxton isMORE HERE

Even if a venerable brand is beloved, companies still need to continue to invest in the product’s brand story. Such is the case with the key brands of Procter & Gamble, which has a long record in investing in its oldest brands. Last month, Target Corporation stores featured Crest, Secret,MORE HERE

DieHard, the former Sears brand, is back at Advance Auto stores across the nation. A DieHard commercial ran on the recent Packers/ Tampa Bay game, taking characters from the original Die Hard movie, and reprising them in an ad with original stars, including Bruce Willis. The plot begins with JohnMORE HERE

LOS ANGELES – The brand-licensing agency Global Icons is now representing the fashion brand Camp Beverly Hills. Originally launched in 1977, the first store was located off Rodeo Drive. Throughout the 1980s, the brand expanded and was sold in major department and specialty stores nationwide. At its height, Camp BeverlyMORE HERE