If You Like Lebanon Bologna, There’s Seltzer’s

Seltzer’s Lebanon BolognaPALMYRA, Penn. – If you like Lebanon bologna, there is only one brand, Seltzer’s.

Made and smoked by hand in Palmyra Pennsylvania, Selzter’s was founded by Harvey Seltzer, who “created a unique blend of pure beef and spices in 1902, his bologna was so popular that he began commercial production and named his company after Palmyra, his hometown.”

The company’s origins came from Pennsylvania Germans who merged their old world tastes with the American landscape in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. The recipe has been passed down through the years; the company operates a factory store. Do look at the video on their website, www.seltzerslebanonbologna.com

Seltzer’s Smokehouse Meats, 230 N. College Street, PO Box 111, Palmyra, PA, 17078; 717-838-2191


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  1. I had been eating lebanon bolognafrom the time of about 5 years old ( 1943 ) till about ( 1958 ) when I went in the air force. I got some about 3 or 4 years later and it idn’t taste the same. I like it fried too, it seemed to shrink up much more than I remember. Must have changed the way thay make it now. I wish I could get some of the old recipe bolonga. ron, originally from Pa.

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