Kellogg’s Brings Mother’s Cookies Back To Life

mothers cookiesBATTLE CREEK  – Just as Kellogg’s brought back Hydrox, it has now brought back the Mother’s Cookies brand.

With the same taste , Mother’s cookies made their highly anticipated return to store shelves in the Western region of the United States starting on May 4 – just in time for the 95th anniversary of Mother’s Day as well as the Mother’s brand.

Since 1914, Mother’s cookies have been delighting generations with favorites like the pink and white sprinkled Circus Animal cookies and the rich, creme-filled Taffy sandwich cookies. When the iconic brand ceased production in late 2008, cookie lovers lost not only a delicious snack, but a closely held family tradition. In December 2008, Kellogg Company acquired the trademarks and original recipes, ensuring that the cookies will continue.

“We’re thrilled to bring back a classic, beloved brand that calls to mind such strong feelings of nostalgia and happy childhood memories that parents want to pass down to their children,” said Doug VanDeVelde, senior vice president, marketing and innovation, U.S. snacks, Kellogg Company, in a press release to BrandlandUSA.

The Mother’s cookies returning to the Western region of the United States include:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Circus Animal
  • Cocadas
  • Double Fudge
  • English Tea
  • Iced Lemonade
  • Iced Oatmeal
  • Macaroons
  • Oatmeal
  • Taffy
  • Vanilla Creme

Mother’s Milestones

Here are some memorable Mother’s cookies milestones from the last 95 years:

1914 – N.M. (Noah) Wheatley runs a newspaper stand on the corner of San Francisco’s Market and Kearney Streets and decides to purchase the rights to a recipe of some home-baked cookies from one of his customers.

Circa 1915 – Wheatley trades in his corner stand and relocates to a small, one-person operation on 12th Avenue in Oakland, Calif. where he bakes about 2,000 cookies each day and night. His cookies sold for $1 a box, and his vanilla cookies were an overnight hit.

Circa 1920 – With help from a young woman named Leopoldine, the bakery grows and a romance begins. Noah and Leopoldine marry and together run the company until their son, Floyd Wheatley, is old enough to take over.

1922 – The bakery needs more space and moves to 18th Street, forcing the Wheatleys to sell their home and even their piano to pay for the move.

1949 – Success is sweet, and the bakery moves to 810 81st Avenue in Oakland, Calif. and grows to employ more than 750 people across several Western states.

1952 – Mother’s cookies launches a unique promotion involving baseball player cards inserted in packages of cookies and continues to give them away as promotions at games until 1998.

1983 – Mother’s cookies moves to the big screen in the movie Scarface.

2002 – Mother’s cookies bakes more than 17 million cookies a day to keep up with demand.

2006 – Tough times force the company to close its operation in Oakland, Calif. and shift production to plants in Canada and Ohio.

2008 – Mother’s cookies closes its doors

2009 – Mother’s cookies return

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  1. Pleassssssssssssssssse make the ice raisin cookies again. I used to eat them at my grandma’s house

  2. Mother’s, please bring back Flaky Flix!!!

  3. What do we need to do to get iced raisin?

  4. I want the Iced Raisin pleeeeeeease!!!!

  5. Iced Raisin pleeeeeeease!!!!


  7. Kellogg’s, please bring back the Mothers iced rasian cookies and also the flaky flix.
    Please please

  8. My family rarely purchases cookies but when we do, there was only one: Mother’s English Tea. Haven’t purchased any for awhile so a great—and tragic—surprise was in store when we recently picked up a couple of pkgs . . . APPALLING!

    The pkg, touted a “new shape” but the obvious difference was that they are all lopsided as a consequence of faulty manufacturing, but that was not the worst.

    The original cookie was tender and crisp while the new cookie is as hard and crunchy as a dog biscuit, and about as tasteless. This suggests the original dough recipe has been altered to eliminate or drastically reduce shortening.

    Yuck!! CLEARLY, this is no longer the original cookies–neither manufacturer nor recipe. That’s the end of Mother’s in this home. Only option for occasional cookies, now, is DIY.

    What a waste!

  9. please bring back the original Taffey’s Cookie they were the best. the new Taffey is almost the same as
    English tea’s. my whole family wonders what happened.

  10. I have an empty Mothers Iced Raisin cookie bag for sale and very few actual cookies I’ve kept frozen since 2008. Not for eating now, but for memories. loffland214 at

  11. I remember my mother loving and buying Mothers Iced oatmeal raisin bars/ cookie. My mother passed, bringing back these cookies and tasting again It would be like sharing the precious moment with my mother again. Often thought about these cookies and just never seem to be able to find them on the store shelves and wondered why they were gone. I’ve seen some online reviews of folks feeling the same way

  12. Please bring back the Mother’s Angel Chocolate Chip. Cookies

  13. Would you bring back the molasses cookie with icing on top. Before Mother’s closed operations they produced this best cookie made.

    I grew up with this favorite cookie. Thanks

  14. Marta and I liked the chocolate chip cookies

  15. Chocolate chip angel cookies
    Chocolate chip angel cookies
    Chocolate chip angel cookies

  16. Please bring back the iced raisin cookies. There is nothing out there to compare. They are the best. Can’t even find a recipe that comes close to it.
    Please bring them back.

  17. Please consider bringing back iced oatmeal. There is nothing like them.??

  18. *Iced raisin cookies. Stupid auto correct. ?

  19. I have been trying to find the used raisin cookies from my childhood for years, and I just came across this site, where I see there are TONS of folks asking for the same thing! WHY AREN’T YOU BRINGING THEM BACK!?? ??? When you have SOOOO many people begging for a specific product for this many years, don’t you think it would be a wise decision to produce it? PLEASE??? ??

  20. yeah the iced raisin cookies.. need, want, will buy….dammit just make some already

  21. Where are the iced raisin cookies?

  22. Why not the raisen cookie with the white icing they we’re the best I only got them when I would go to California so I would have them sent to me in Alabama we need them back ☺

  23. Bring Back Flaky Flex, I will pay $5 a box we miss
    them, they were the best, no other cookies can
    compare, the other taste like clog arteries, too

    Lady Di

  24. Please bring back iced raisin cookies! Big family favorite! We miss them!!

  25. Ditto. ICED RAISIN COOKIES were awesome and we are seriously sad that there aren’t being made right now. Seems like lots of folks want them back. What ever happened to supply and demand driving the marketplace?

  26. I LOVE Iced Raisin cookies from Mother’s.
    BEST COOKIE EVER. PLEASE START MAKING THEM AGAIN. I will sign a contract and buy at minimum 48 bags per year. I promise.

  27. Eeeewwww!!!! Mother’s Cookies are NOT fit for human consumption!!!

  28. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE being back the Iced Raisin Cookies. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!?????

  29. Pretty sad… Folks have been requesting ICED OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES for years now…. With no response?

  30. Please please bring back the glazed raisin cookie!
    I had a craving for them recently and went to the store to shop and low and behold they didn’t have any!

  31. Can’t wait to see iced raisin cookies on the grocery store shelves again, along with the variety bag of mother’s cookies.

  32. Can’t wait to see the iced raisin cookies on the shelf again, along with the bagged variety mix of cookies.

  33. Hey, could you bring back Flaky Flix Cookies from Mother’s too! Pretty Please.

  34. I’ve looked everywhere for the Gingermen cookies. Do you think you’ll make them?

  35. I loved the iced raisin bars! I’ve been looking for them for years! My kids have all grown up and they missed out! Please bring them back!

  36. Add me to your list. I want some Iced Raisin cookies and I want some now. I can’t believe you let this many customers suffer for so many years. We promise we will buy then and eat them up. At lease test trial it I my area of Spring, Texas!

  37. Oh my gosh I agree….. I would buy 40 bags of Iced Rasin cookies at a time if I could find them! I went looking for this website specifically to see if I could find out what happened to this classic deliciousness!!! Pleeeeze bring them back


  39. Didn’t even know that original mothers brand had ceased to exist, but thank you for bringing them back. Every now and then I get a major craving for the iced molasses cookies and would love to see them come back, even seasonally.


  41. It’s sad not seeing the bag emblazoned with Iced Raisin cookies on the shelf beside the other Mother’s Cookies. A small tinge of excitement fills me each time I look. I’m left saddened, unable to enjoy a cookie shared by my Father when I was young. Please heal my heart and bring them back.

  42. Bring back the iced raisin cookies! Such a great memory of my childhood,raiding grandma’s cookie jar.

  43. C’mon, increase your profits and make the Iced Raisin cookies again. We’ll ALL enjoy watching them FLY off the store shelves!

  44. Can we get iced raisin already?!


  46. We want to introduce our son to the old school cookies that were great for us as kids and we want to see the flaky flix ,and the fudgestripes along with the iced shortbread raisin cookies !! Bring back the retro cookies !! ?

  47. Please oh please give us the Iced Raisin bar cookies again!

  48. Twenty years ago I craved the iced oatmeal raisin bars—I searched everywhere! Everyone was bringing me iced raisin cookies with no satisfaction! My son is now in his third year of college and I’ve yet to find them. Is anyone reading these pleds??? If there’s demand where is the product?? I want my cookies back! ???

  49. I’m calling Kellogg’s tomorrow. I have to get iced raisin cookies. I insist. I’m going to talk to upper mgmt. lol. I am. Thanks Kellogg’s please!

  50. Please bring back iced raisin cookies.

  51. Count me among those who want iced raisen cookies.

  52. Count me among those who want iced raisen cookies.
    Please bring back the original taffy bars, too. The new recipe has the brown color ouside but a white cookie inside. Doesn’t taste the same.

  53. Please bring back the Iced Raisin Cookies

  54. Iced molassas plz bring back! So yummy! 🙂

  55. Iced raisin cookies !!! Please bring them back… I left Michigan, hoping to find them in California, Love them!!!

  56. Iced raisin cookies!!! I live in Michigan and I came back to California hoping to find iced raisin cookies!!!! No luck …my mom worked at the factory when I was a kid,we always bought them. Where can I buy them now??

  57. I was so happy when a large variety of Mother’s cookies made a come back. I have been looking for years for the Iced Raisin cookies. Please bring them back! You will make a fortune on those alone! 🙂

  58. PLEASE bring back the Fudge Striped Shortbread!!!!

  59. I have looked all over for the iced raisin cookie. They were the best cookies ever. Please bring them back.

  60. PLEASE O PLEASE BRING BACK THE “ICED RAISIN COOKIE”… mother in law and I sure would love to have them back!!!!!!

  61. WOW!!!!


  63. Are Mother’s Iced Raisin Cookies available?

  64. Another vote to bring back the iced raisin cookies, please!

  65. Iced Raisin Cookies!!! There are no other cookies that compare to the delicious taste of these sweet treats!! It is obvious there are hundreds if not thousands of consumers that would faithfully purchase these,and think of all the new consumers you would gain also!! Be smart, and make your mark , by bringing back the Iced Raisin Cookies!!! You won’t be sorry!!:):)

  66. Me and my sisters are in our fifties and we have been looking for the iced raisin bars for years…cant find them anywhere….please tell me where i can get them……

    …………………………….pretty please?
    We miss them in Kentucky.

  68. I am waiting patiently for SOMEBODY to bring back the Iced Oatmeal Raisen Bars!!!! I refuse to allow my kids to grow up without tasting those chewy childhood favorites. Come on fellas…get it back online!!!!!

  69. Please bring back mothers striped chocolate shortbread cookies, who cares about the calories! They were super delicious and the best out of all the other cookies.

  70. Please bring back ICED RAISIN COOKIES!

  71. Please Bring back the Iced Raisin Cookies. I grew up eating them and would like to share the experience with my Grand Children.

  72. You must listen to your customers and bring back ICED RAISIN COOKIES to our store shelves! It sounds like market demand to me!

  73. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but the iced oatmeal cookies were the best. Please bring them back!

  74. Can u guys pleeeease brong BACK the deliciousness of flaky flix? IM CRAVING THEM AS BAD AS TALHASSEE CRAVES A TWINKY IN ZOMBIELAND! I havent had flaky flix in ages!!! Thanks

  75. Where are the Iced Raisin Cookies? Please tell us why they are not being reproduced. Friends and Family from out of state constantly asked me to ship the Iced Raisins to their home because Mother’s Cookies were not available in their area. Please, please, please – My life will be easier if the Iced Raisin Cookies are available again!

  76. My mother, who salved her wounds with Mother’s Iced Raisin cookies after a bitter divorce, has now reached her twilight years. Before she bids a fond farewell to this world, her last wish is to savor a bag or two of Mother’s Iced Raisin cookies. It is obvious from the plethora of comments that people across these United States are pleading for the return of Mother’s Iced Raisin cookies. Why does Mother continue to turn her back on her longstanding, loyal customers as if they’re ugly stepchildren? Is it, as Hillary Clinton professes, a vast right-wing conspiracy? Could you at least inform us, your public, as to the reason Mother’s Iced Raisin cookies no longer grace the shelves of our grocery stores? Or for the sake of my mother, Mother, could you just whip up a vat or two for you many fans? (dictated by my 70-year-old mother!)

  77. PLEASE, I beg you, bring back the Iced Raisin Cookies! Please!!!! Please!!! Never in my life (I’m 45) have I had such a great cookie! PLEASE!!!

  78. You need to bring back the Iced Raisin Cookies!! My son and husband loved them. Sorry to see they aren’t on the grocery shelf anywhere,. Let us know when this might happen so we won’t miss out when you do bring them back, because I am sure you will not have enough to go around!!

  79. I so miss the Iced Raisin Cookie!!! Please bring it back.

  80. Another vote for iced raisin, please!! Email me when they come out and I will immediately stock up!! (but I don’t remember them having stripes.. just a rectangle raisin shortbread with a very unique taste and then dipped in a thin coating of clear white icing. Raisins make the cookie have a perfect chewy-but-crunchy texture. Oh wish I was crunching one right now!

  81. I just love Mother’s cookies.

  82. I loved Mother’s cookies when I was a little girl, and when I had children they loved them also. I am so happy to see the cookies in the store, but where is the iced raisin cookie? I just can’t believe that the iced raisin cookie was the best selling cookie of the Mother’s brand. Please bring back the iced raisin cookie, even if it is for a limited time only. Thanks

  83. Please bring back the iced raisins. They are the best. I need them bad. My wife thinks I’m crazy!

  84. PLEASE bring back the Striped Shortbread!
    My father & I loved those cookies.

  85. Hello good people of Kelloggs, Pls inform me how,when or where I can find the Mothers Iced Raisin cookies. My sister loves them

  86. Yes indeed the iced raisin cookies were the best. I cant find any to compare. Bring them back !

  87. I completely agree…we NEED the iced raisin bar. They were so delicious!! Looks to me like you would make a killing on just selling those cookies alone!

  88. I have not seen my cookies back in he stores yet what is the deal. The buttermilk cookies with the strips. Don’t try to fake us out bring back the real deal. No other cookies compare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. please bring back the iced raisin bar

  90. WHERE R THE ICED RAISIN COOKIES?!?!?! They are my honey’s fav & i wanted to surprise him for his birthday!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Where are the chocolate chip shortbread cookies? They were square. But most important they were the perfect taste and texture. All these avaiable brands are too hard or too soft and the taste does not come close. Thank you.

  92. have they brought back the shortbread chocolate chip cookies, they were square, Someone might want to, they hd the perfect taste and texture. ALL other brands are hard or too soft and mushy. Mothers was exceptional. Can’t find anywhere. Any way to special order if they have them? Thank you.

  93. All I can say is Iced Raisin Cookies – Please! Thank you.

  94. We need to contact Kelloggs(Mothers new handler) and all request they bring back the Iced Shortbread raisin cookies.
    They need to know we really want them.

  95. PLEASE PLEASE NEED CHOCOLATE CHIP ANGELS HELP !! And what happened to the Iced Raisins?? and Flaky Flix??? and the Variety Pak?? and the Gauchos??? BRING THEM BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. I am still looking and hoping for Iced Raisin Cookies to come back and have not found anything yet. I really hope they bring it back to the shelves soon in the stores everywhere.

  97. I grew up sneaking iced raisin cookies from my mom’s stash. Now I can’t bye them for my own self : ( ICED RAISIN COOKIES, PLEASE….

  98. I echo what everyone else is asking for to please bring back the Iced Raisin cookies.

  99. PLEASE, bring back the Iced Oatmeal Raisin cookies. I would so much love for my daughter’s to taste a cookie that was a special treat for me growing up. It’s apart of my “childhood” past that I still remember and I am now 42yrs old. That should tell you something about this cookie. You should have NEVER stopped making them 🙁 Please even if for a limited time only, BRING THEM BACK, so my girls can taste a piece of my childhood as they do now when I have on “The Christmas Story” all day long on Christmas Day. A favorite movie of mine at Christmas time. Here’s an idea, bring the Iced Oatmeal Raisin cookies back just for the Christmas Holiday!!!!!

  100. I have been looking for ICED RAISIN COOKIES for some time! I miss the delicious cookies, I have been eating them My question is why was it discontinued! surely it beats; Oreo,
    Chocolate chip etc! My husband and I are very disappointed! It is always on our shopping list. I hope that kellog will reconsider and bring the Mother”s Iced Rasin cookies back!


  102. we just moved back to the part of the country that sells Mother’s Cookies, and were thrilled to find some of our favorites. We soooo miss Iced Raisins and Chocolate Chip Angels, though. Any chance those are being considered for a come-back? Best cookies EVER!!! BTW .. my husband’s parents met and married while working at the Oakland Plant. We LOVE those cookies!!!

  103. The iced raisin bars I thought wete made by nabisco but I could be wrong but I wish you would bring them back no matter who thy were made by they were the best cookie ever and littlr rock arkansas needs them bad

  104. I too have been searching for the infamous iced raisin bars to no avail. Check for them in all the stores I visit with the hope of finding them but … I remember them growing up and would love to have them again. I will continue to check for them as will everyone else until they appear on the store shelves hopefully soon.

  105. Please bring back the ICED RAISIN COOKIES they were the best from Mother’s hands down. A guaranteed seller,,,

  106. please let me know where I can buy those yummy White cookies frosted and they have raisins in them I can’t find them anywhere please let me know

  107. 40 something who grew up in California. Loved the Iced Raisin and missing them like mad! Would love to buy a bag or 20 in Washington. Iced Raisin!!!!!!!

  108. North Carolina also loves the Iced Raisin Bars. They got me through my parents divorce in the 1970s. The rectangle ones with white stripes on the front and solid white on the back. I would eat 2 rows at a time. Kelloggs, are you listening? The 40 year olds have the money!!!!!

  109. Where can I buy the chekerboard cookies?? I don’t know whose stupid idea it was to take these off the shelf!!!

  110. I’m glad to see I’m not the only 40-something with a craving for those wonderful iced oatmeal raisin cookies. Surely with all of this interest, you’ll bring back the original recipe? Please?

  111. I am looking for Iced Raisin as well. I’m tempted to try to bake them, but I know they just won’t be the same. PLEASE, ICED RAISIN ARE AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE!

  112. I can’t believe all these people want the Iced Raisin Bars back!!! I thought I was the only one that loved these cookies. So good with a hot cup of coffee in the AM, PM or whenever. They were rectangles with stripes of icing. SO GOOD!! Please bring them back. PLEASE!!! I have this enormous craving and nothing will stop it!!!

  113. Are you all kidding me. The best were chocolate chip angel. Please look in your heart to bring them back.

  114. Please bring back the iced raisin cookies. After a hard day they make things better.

  115. I am having my first actually real pregnancy craving and it’s for iced raisin cookies but they are gone!!!!!!! Not fair!!!!

  116. They made a cookie that was shaped like a flower with the scolloped edges, white icing all over the top, they were called ICED SPICED COOKIES. They were sooooo totally awesome. Does anyone know what i am talking about? Please bring those back. I cant find ANYTHING to match them. Thanks.

  117. I’ll add to the yearning for iced raisin cookies. They were the best, and I know our family would purchase them regularly if they were brought back to grocery store shelves.

  118. I agree that iced raisin cookies should definitly be returned to the shelf.I used to surprise my husband with them,as they were his favs,&I must say becam mine too!!

  119. i am looking to purchase some glazed rasin cookies here in spokane, i am having an awful time locating them, can you please direct me.. thanks kim

  120. Born in Ca. in 50’s. Moved east in early 70’s. Taste memory from my childhood triggered a craving for Mother’s Iced Raisin Cookies about 2 weeks ago. Not in current production? Say it isn’t so!

  121. Please, please bring back Iced Raisin Cookies….they were the best and I just found out that they were also my boyfriend’s favorite cookies too!!!


  122. Please bring back the Iced Raisin cookies. My wife and I
    had a craving for them and found out you don’ tmake them

  123. Tell the bean counter, if he wants my money, then bring
    back iced raisin…And I’ll buy animal cookies

  124. I was born in Oakland CA, I grew up with Mothers, I miss
    the shortbread cookies, they had several varieties, plain
    shortbread, chocolate chip (my personal favorite) and Almond
    Shortbread. All were crunchy, tasty and my favorite cookies. The
    limited selection now is very sad. Bring Back SHORTBREAD PLease, I
    will pay anything for them…..

  125. please,please bring back the variety bag of mothers cookies!!

  126. With all the money spent trying to get us buy your cookies, why would you ignore all the requests for Iced Raisin Cookies? You have a huge number of consumers that would buy without any advertising dollars being spent. We’re ready to eat Mother’s Iced Raisin Cookies, so bring ’em on!!!

  127. Please bring back Mother’s Iced Raisin Bars to DFW, TX. They are the best

  128. Please we want Mother’s Iced Raisin bars in South Carolina. They were the best tasting cookies I ever eaten. Please hurry!!!

  129. I miss these cookies so much…I’ve looked for them many times…bring them back please!

  130. where do i order flaky flix? my grandmother loves them. I would really like to get her some for xmas

  131. I am looking for Mothers iced molasses cookies, I love those cookies and grew up eating them in the 60’s 70’s 80’s timeframe ( est. ) They are shaped like a flower basically. A dark molasses cookie with scalloped edges and the top is totally covered with white icing and then topped with brown ( chocolate ) horizontal stripes running over each iced cookie top! Pure heaven : ) Where can I purchase these blast from the past awesome cookies?? Help.

  132. But where ARE the iced raisin cookie bars; those are my favorite!!!

  133. I want the iced raisin cookies back as well! Just before they were discontinued our local store got them in and I enjoyed two bags for the first time in years! Forgot how good they were.
    I’m not a big cookie buyer but this and the Frosted Animal Cookies stand out over all the rest of the cookies!

  134. What happened to the iced raisin cookies. They were my Dad’s favorites. My kids were hoping to celebrate his birthday (he passed 6 years ago) by eating his favorite cookie and I can’t find them anywhere. Bring back the iced raisins!!!

  135. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Mothers Iced Raisin Bars!!!!!! Why did you discontinue them in the first place??? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  136. Mothers Cookies!!! Please consider the state or Tenn.!! We are retired USAF been all around world, Totally miss Mothers Double fudge chip!!!! and Circus Animals!!! and Choc. Chip!! But REALLY WANT DOUBLE FUDGE CHOC. CHIP!!!!! CAN I ORDER ON LINE????!!!PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thank you, very much Kellogg’s!!!! A CLASSIC has returned!!

  137. I thought I was alone in looking for the Iced Oatmeal Raisin Bars. I would love to find them again. PLEASE!!!!!

  138. Cookies with raisins, all iced are nice

  139. Who stold the ICED RAISIN cookies ! Been everywhere and their nowhere to be bought ?

  140. Please oh, please bring back the iced raisen cookies. I had this sudden urge for them one day and I went on a hunt to find them. So I got on the internet to see if I could order them. They are just no were to be found. So I beg you please bring them back.

  141. We were just siting aroundtonight and the conversation turned to cookies. Then to Mothers Cookies. Next was the iced raisin. Please, Please bring them back, It looks like we are not the only ones who lust for them. Who can pass this along to Kellogg????


  143. Just look at all the posts wanting the Iced raisin cookies back. I have been looking for them everywhere. I you would make lots of money if you brought them back. There is nothing like them in any other brand so you wouldn’t have competition.


  145. PLEASE bring back the Iced Raisin Cookies, they were my favorite since childhood and I miss them!!! can we buy them anywhere???
    hope you are planning on bringing them back, seems I am not alone in wanting them back!!!!

  146. PLEASE! Bring back the variety bag!( I forgot the name of it) but it included circus anumals, choc chip cookies, raisen cookies and ummmm…forgot the other kind. Either way, they were the best and I miss them!

  147. Please bring the Iced Raisen cookies back. They are my father’s favorite and I wanted to buy him some for Father’s Day!!! Can I buy them online anywhere?

  148. We also love the iced raisin cookies.. Please bring them back? Obviously a lot of people miss them!

  149. My whole family loves the iced raisin cookies. I have been looking everywhere for them. Could you please bring them back. It looks like a lot of people miss them!

  150. Yes! Where are the Iced Raisin?? Those were always my favorite too. Somebody needs to bring them back.

  151. We are wanting to know where we can buy the Ice oatmeal raisin cookies…they are our FAVORITE!


  152. OMG I thought I was alone in my quest for Iced Raisin cookies !!!! … Reminds me of my Grandmas house as a kid … PLEASE !!!! make these again .. I cannot find any substitute anywhere

  153. Where o’ where have the Iced Raisin Cookies gone?
    Reproduction sounds like a plan to me…HINT, HINT.

  154. Please Please bring back the iced oatmeal raisin cookies.

  155. no fudgestripes??? but why?? why??? really, really, really want them!!! 🙁

  156. moved to UK for awhile… now i’m back and am missing my striped shortbread… are they ever coming back???

  157. bring back the fudgestripes – my roommate is freaking out and needs them STAT!!!!!

  158. Please please bring back my fudgestripe shortbread cookies. Where are they?

  159. Kelloggs: You must bring back the Iced Raisin Cookies. The rectangle ones with the striped icing on top. I think they used to be called “Iced Raisin Bars”. There are a lot of 40 somethings out here dying to re-live our fond childhood memories. Please help us!

  160. Hey!! I couldn’t agree more — I want the ICED RAISEN cookies! I’ve been onthe look for them since they disapeared and can’t even find a bad reproduction. I WANT ICED RAISEN COOKIES BACK!!!

  161. Can I purchase Mother’s iced raisin cookies on-line?

    Thank you for your time.