Invicta Master Mind Game Toy of the 1970s

Master Mind by InvictaThe Invicta board game Master Mind swept the 1970s; part of the charm of the British-made game was the box. The Invicta game had an Asian woman and a “distinguished” man sitting below her.

Many a college thesis could be written on the implications of this came. Questions include:

  • Was he smarter than her? Was she smarter than he?
  • Why was she standing?
  • Why did she have her arm behind him?
  • What was that dress?
  • Aren’t all Asians smarter?
  • Were you supposed to be able to try to beat them at the game, or were they playing against each other?
  • Were they a couple?
  • Was she his ????

The models in the photo were an accident; a bit about the history is online at the site of the University of Leicester. The woman was pulled right off the street the day of the shoot.

A bit about the cover:

Distinguished-looking Bill Woodward was then the owner of a chain of hairdressing salons and young Hong Kong born Cecilia Fung was studying for a computer science degree at the University of Leicester. Little did they know that the photo session at Leicester studio would produce a result which was destined to cut across all international barriers and become one of the world’s most famous and enduring images.