Grocery Brands and Products Our Readers Miss

Lately, we have been getting an extraordinary number of hits of consumers searching for the below products.

We just thought we needed to list them:

  1. Serv-a-Gravy. It’s a powdered gravy sold by Serv-Agen. Some have found it hard to locate on shelves.
  2. Carnation Breakfast Bars. Not sure why this is so popular but folks do miss it.
  3. Kraft Fudgies. Halloween is coming up. Where are they?
  4. Derby Tamales. The passion of Derby Tamales eaters is unparalleled. Please bring them back so they will be happy!
  5. Postum. The loss of this drink is a tragedy, as is the loss of the brand General Foods, now Kraft.
  6. Morton Honey Buns. This is the one we hear most about readers missing. Con-Agra, please bring them back but if you do, find the correct formula.


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  1. I grew up in New England and the S.S. Pierce brand was much revered. Has there been any interest in reviving this brand? Is anything still sold under this name? Is the name and brand still owned by any entity?
    Thank you for your help.
    Peter brams

  2. Looking for Serv-a-gravy Brown Gravy Mix in the 16 oz. can. Please send information on where to purchase in the 19038 area.

  3. Looking forward to being able to purchase Derby tamales again. I have been buying them for years and my mother bought them. We miss them!

  4. I am worried about another brand disappearing, at least from the shelves of supermarkets here in Atlanta.

    Colonial Bread.

    Colonial, one of the South’s well known bread names, is now owned by Sara Lee.

    Since Ms. Lee invaded the Colonial colonies, Sara Lee Bread has been appearing alongside– and displacing– Colonial as their primary brand (uh-oh).

    Guess which line is getting more and more shelf space?

    Customer reeducation is underway. Tonight, at the local Publix (still doesn’t seem right; it is located in an old Winn-Dixie– The Beef People left Atlanta), the Sara Lee bread was marked at a price lower than the Colonial loaves.

    Colonial is also getting somewhat harder to find. Most of the time, the Colonial King Thin can be found, but Colonial Old Fashion is getting hard to find at Publix or our Kroger stores.

    Tick-tick-tick…. Time for a Brandlandusa investigation!

    JM, Atlanta

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