Classic Brands: Jack Tar Marine Paint

Jack Tar Marine Paint from BLPWe came across another great old brand. Jack Tar Marine Finishes marine paint. It’s made by BLP Mobile Paints of Mobile, Alabama.

The Mobile Paint Company made “Southernized” coatings in Mobile, Alabama’s waterfront district. They developed special formulas for the “subtropical” region and still have a “Caribbean Division.”

Mobile Paint Company eventually bought Mobile  Varnish Works plant and consolidated there in 1934.

Love it if some readers would add some thoughts on the brand in our comments section below. Excellent packaging, particularly the smaller can on the top right.


  1. Excellent marine paint. I put this shit on everything! Particularly aluminum Jon Boats.

  2. I have an original label from Jack Tar Marine finishes, before it was applied to a can.
    Very good condition. Has been under glass.
    Anyone interested in a bid?
    I can send a photo.

  3. That top right can would make a damn fine desktop accessory.

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