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Florida writer Sandra Friend, editor of the Florida Hikes site, reminds BrandlandUSA about Schweppes Bitter Lemon.

Can you find me a source for Schweppes Bitter Lemon in Florida, Garland? I got SO hooked on it in Europe. Perfect drink for a hot day. And hey, it beats off malaria, too! Seems it came out in the 1950s here and just faded away…

Below is a posted commercial for it from 1971.

The Internet Cocktail database refers to it as a “Proprietary tart sparkling lemon mixer/soft drink from England, created in 1957 by Cadbury Schweppes. Of limited availability, but highly prized in mixed drinks.” Apparently it appears in a handful of mixed drink recipes.

LA Weekly’s blog puts it succinctly:

-if you grew up with sophisticated or alcoholic parents who kept a well-stocked bar, chances are they used it as a mixer or as a non-boozy option for guests on the wagon–and it has suffered a slow disappearing act in the past couple of decades.

LA Weekly

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  1. I didnt heard like this lemon.. I think its very useful who were affected by malaria.. Thanks for this post..

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