Turtle Wax Celebrates 75 Years

Turtle Wax has been an integral part of American culture for the last 75 years, and today they’re celebrating their 75th anniversary with the introduction of The Healy Family Scholarship Program and a variety of new products such as the Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Graphene Paste Wax.

CHICAGO – There is so much to appreciate about Turtle Wax. It is, above all, a great brand. It is one company. That makes one sort of thing. Car care products. And things made with the Turtle Wax name.

The imagery and color are clear too. A turtle is green. It has a hard shell. It is a happy, dry creature. And it has a top hat.

Turtle Wax story started with the launch of the first-ever bottled car wax. Benjamin Hirsch came up with the formula, and went bankrupt several times trying to make the company work.

“It’s been an incredible journey over the last 75 years, and I’m so lucky to have had a front-row seat to it all,” said Denis John Healy, executive chairman, Turtle Wax, in a press release.

“The fact that we continue to expand to new channels and territories – yet stay true to our values – and make sure our products continue to be easy to use, are grounded in technology, and always come at a great price, is a testament to the foundation built by my grandparents and parents. I’m honored to continue their legacy and excited for what we have in store for 2021 and beyond.”

Over the years, the green has been a key brand element. In the 1970s, the glass bottles even had sort of ridged sides, which were as unique as Coke’s 6 oz bottles.

The company has two car washes in the Chicago area, a wise strategy as it helps them stay in touch with consumers, while not incurring a cost to the company. Consumer products brands would do well to use this strategy, at least having a few points of contact with customers. In the past they have had a larger set of car washes.

Below, one of their animated ads from YouTube. Very good. An interesting part of the automobile wax market. Both Turtle Wax and Meguiar’s, the leading brands, are privately held.


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