For fans of the first Home Alone, brands that appear in the movie are part of the nostalgia. Each year, as we see the movie, we are transported back to the Reagan era. In spite of the three decades, however, the brands are fairly consistent. The brands help define theMORE HERE

CHICAGO – The era of excessively droopy or excessively tight sportswear may be reaching its conclusion, at least in the dignified realm of tennis. In June, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. unveiled Wilson Sport Professionals. This line, set to be promoted during summer grand slams, was intentionally designed to capture theMORE HERE

CHICAGO – Radio and television stations such as WDIV in Detroit are in a flurry of 75th and 100th anniversaries, as radio arrived in the 1920s and television arrived in the 1940s. These anniversaries are the perfect opportunity for legacy broadcasters to celebrate their histories and call letter equity inMORE HERE

CHICAGO – This month, the retailer Crate & Barrel marks 60 years. Gordon and Carole Segal founded Crate & Barrel on Dec. 7, 1962 on Wells Street in Chicago. As the story is told, it was a year after returning from their honeymoon. He was 23. They were eager to sell the modernMORE HERE

PLANO, Illinois – Plano Molding, the inventor of the original molded-plastic tackle and tool box, has selected the Denver-based advertising agency Cactus as their new lead. Plano, founded in 1952, is the original maker of plastic tackle boxes. Warren “Pete” Henning founded the company after he returned from a FloridaMORE HERE

CHICAGO – There is so much to appreciate about Turtle Wax. It is, above all, a great brand. It is one company. That makes one sort of thing. Car care products. And things made with the Turtle Wax name. The imagery and color are clear too. A turtle is green.MORE HERE

CHICAGO – There are some companies that not only own brands that are classics, but are also classic companies in themselves. Companies like Chelsea Milling (maker of Jiffy mixes), C.F. Sauer (maker of Duke’s mayo and Sauer spices) and Gold Pure (horseradish) sell basic, straightforward things, execute them without deception orMORE HERE